Kelly Fitzgerald Missing Update 2023: Is She Dead or Alive?

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New Zealand’s ‘Lady in the Blue Lake’ mystery: what happened to Kelly Fitzgerald?

Kelly Fitzgerald Missing
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Kelly Fitzgerald, a Rotorua, New Zealand woman, disappeared under mysterious circumstances on August 10, 2009. After more than a decade, her disappearance remains shrouded in mystery. On August 10, 2009, Kelly Fitzgerald, a small-town woman of Rotorua, New Zealand, dropped her 3-year-old son Jacob at the daycare and went to work.

Shortly after, she told her boss she could no longer work and left. Later that evening, her car was abandoned next to Tikitapu, also known as Blue Lake. Her keys, wallet, and clothes she wore that morning were inside the car.

Police Dive Squad and Search and rescue teams thoroughly searched the lake and its surrounding area, but her body was never found. It left many unanswered questions that haunted her family and puzzled detectives.

In 2011, a coroner official, Dr. Wallace Bain, released his findings regarding the case of her disappearance. She was presumed drowned after taking her own life. Dr. Bain’s findings did not reveal what had happened to Kelly; they just declared her dead.

It offered no closure to her husband, Steve Fitzgerald, who was left alone to raise his then 5-year-old son. The mysterious circumstance under which his wife disappeared has haunted him ever since. The disappearance of his wife was the beginning of his troubles.

He had been forced to close his business, Bike Fix, and lay off staff and was living on benefits and being a solo parent to their son. In an interview with a local magazine, he said,

“It doesn’t change much for me. His (Dr.Bain’s) findings realistically don’t answer what happened. I just don’t understand what happened. There is no closure,”. He shared his disbelief and wondered why there had been no sign of her despite the thorough search of the lake.

“You see other missing people in the water, even salt water, and they are found. It’s hard to deal with not knowing.” He continued. He said he had been honest with their son about her, telling him from the beginning that his mother was dead.

“He has a reasonable understanding, he has accepted it is full and final. He still has memories, and Kelly’s photos are everywhere. He is old enough to remember her. He’s a good kid with a loving nature.”

Steve Fitzgerald and his son Jacob are left to mourn Kelly Fitzgerald without knowing what happened to her. Dr. Bain told the press that a note had been found at the Fitzgerald house from her saying “Goodbye and Sorry.”

After over a decade, Kelly Fitzgerald’s disappearance remains a mystery. Her body was never found. Her husband and son are left with her being “presumed dead.” No other information or evidence ever came to light regarding her disappearance. The mysterious case puzzled the entire nation. All those who knew her miss her forever, dearly.


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