Kelsey Pokalsky, Music Therapist, Passed Away Due to Myocarditis

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Kelsey Pokalsky, a famous creative artist and certified music therapist, and a resident of Patchogue, NY, passed away on September 18, 2023, at the age of 32 due to myocarditis. Kelsey’s passion for music and its therapeutic properties were evidence of her professionalism. Her family confirmed that when she passed away, she was surrounded by her loved ones during the final mount at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Kelsey Pokalsky Died
Kelsey Pokalsky (Image via Facebook)

Who was Kelsey Pokalsky?

She was born on April 13, 1991. She graduated from high school in 2009, and after that, she received a degree of Bachelor of Science in music therapy from Sunny New Paltz in 2013.

Kelsey was a passionate lady about helping others in art and music, and she worked as a music therapist in a variety of workplaces like schools, colleges, hospitals, and private practices.

She gained hands-on experience in music therapy. She served as a tutor at Temple University and worked with teenagers and children at the Foundation of Behavior Health. Kelsey crafts her talent in different fields of music therapy. She also worked with adults in the developmental center and helped them as a music provider.

Kelsey Pokalsky’s cause of death was myocarditis:

Her family revealed that the cause of her death was myocarditis, a rare inframammary disease of heart muscles. Often, it is associated with heart infection and autoimmune disorders.
The ordeal began on September 15, 2023, when Kelsey was admitted to the hospital of Mount Sinai with some breathing difficulty and chest pain.

Medical professionals conducted some tests and treatment, but her condition was terrible then. The divesting loss was shown at 10:15 a.m. concerning this. Kelsey has no history of heart disease, which was shocking news for her sudden passing.

It equally confused her family. They were unaware of exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses that could trigger the onset of myocarditis.

Tribute to beloved Patchogue music therapist.

The heartbreaking news is Kelsey Pokalsky left the world and left a void in the lives of their loved ones. The death of young Kelsey Pokalsky left those who were closer to her.

Her family paints a picture of a remarkable soul, a caring, loving genius, creative, and full of zest for life. Kelsey’s art and musical talent have touched the hearts of many people.

An adventurer by nature, she loves hiking, camping, and capturing the beauty of nature from her photography skills. She always participates in these types of activities.

Kelsey Pokalsky left this world, but she always lived in those people’s hearts who knew and loved her so much.

In the music field, the community bears the most significant loss, and the life she touched will forever be remembered. She helps many people as a musical therapist and a beacon of hope for many remains—her dedication to using music as a healing tool for fighting others’ psychological issues.


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