Burlington, Vermont Tragedy: Anthony Smith Jr. and Khalif Jones Fatally Shot in Old North End Incident

Last Updated on November 14, 2023, 8:12 am

Police identify the victims in the Burlington Shooting as Anthony Smith Jr. and Khalif Jones.

Anthony Smith Jr. and Khalif Jones Dead
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Burlington, Vermont shooting: A deadly shooting in Old North End, Burlington, claims two lives. Two victims fatally shot in the head were identified by the Police as Anthony Smith Jr, 26, of Vergennes, and Khalif Jones, 27, of Stowe.

What happened at Old North End, Burlington?

A deadly shooting prompted a significant Police presence at Old North End, Burlington, on Sunday night. Police responded to a residence in Old North End around 9:30 p.m., where they found two victims fatally shot in the head.

One of the victims was pronounced dead on the scene. The other victim was taken to the hospital, where they were later pronounced dead. During a media briefing, Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad identified the victims as 26-year-old Anthony Smith Jr. of Vergennes and 27-year-old Khalif Jones of Stowe.

The shooting happened on Decatur Street, which is situated between Intervale Avenue and North Union Street.

What happened to Anthony Smith Jr. and Khalif Jones?

According to Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad, dispatchers received calls reporting gunfire on Decatur Street, Old North End, Burlington, Vermont, around 9:15 p.m. on Sunday. The officers responding to the scene discovered two men, both of whom had been shot in the head. Anthony Smith Jr. had already died, and Jones was critically injured. Jones was taken to the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, where he later died.

The responding officers found Jones with a firearm, which led the police to believe he used to kill Smith. Murad said that the ballistic evidence points towards a second gun, which Jones used. He said the second gun is unaccounted for, as it was not found on the crime scene, indicating that a third person was involved and remains at large. He also said that the officers found evidence of drug trafficking at the residence. Neither of the victims were residents of the apartment where they were found.

Pubic concerned for safety

The general public has shown concerns for the community’s safety as the news of horrific crime broke. Unrest among the citizens arose as third-party suspects remained at large. Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad has ensured the public in his media briefing that police are doing everything to keep the city safe and bring the suspect to justice.

“I don’t think this was something that was random in the sense of a person completely unknown making his or her way into that location and taking these actions. And so to that extent, no, I don’t believe there’s a general risk of public, but then again, you know, anytime a firearm is discharged in a city like this, anytime we see a crime like this, it makes all of us not only less safe, but we are a little bit less safe.”

We sincerely hope the police will bring the perpetrator to justice and ensure public safety.

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