A Fight Between Two Students Resulted in A Lockdown at Great Falls High School

Last Updated on September 27, 2023, 4:39 pm

The tragic incident of the Great Falls High School fight occurred today, on Wednesday, September 28, 2023. Officials from the district have verified that Great Falls High School has been shut down since Wednesday afternoon because of a fight-related incident.

Great falls high school lockdown
Great Falls High School lockdown (Image via krtv.com)

The rumors have spread through social media that’ shots have been fired, but it’s not right, and it has been proven, according to a statement addressed to relatives.

Chester County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Facebook a few hours ago and shared the current status of Great Halls High School;

“In response to a disturbance, additional sheriff’s deputies have arrived on the area and are heading to Great Falls High school. Great Falls High School is to be avoided at this time, according to the public. As further information becomes available, it will be made public.”


Luckily, everyone was safe and secure, although there was no loss of lives. Police are still on the scene looking into the situation. One of the students participating in the brawl was also detained by the SRO. The regular 3:30 PM dismissal time for Great Falls High School has been observed.

How the Incident Happened?

The news of Great Falls High School fights and gunshots rumors spread on social media on Wednesday morning, September 27, 2023. The battle began in between two students, which have escalated into violence.

Chester County Sheriff’s Office shared the details of this incident through their Official Facebook post, which stated that;

In response to a fight between two students, Chester County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to Great Falls High School at around 12:30 PM. The Great Falls High School SRO promptly took charge of the circumstance.

As soon as the altercation was under control, the school was placed on lockdown due to information the SRO had received that an unauthorized individual had entered the premises.

The SRO quickly apprehended an adult who had entered the high school without authorization and put them in handcuffs. That person is currently being held while an investigation is ongoing. The SRO detained one of the young people involved in the first altercation.

Law enforcement personnel from the Chester County Sheriff’s Office and the Great Falls Police Department arrived within minutes and emptied the building.

Since the lockdown, kids have been safely confined to their classrooms; however, Sherriffs know that some may have left the building. Plans are being made for those students to return to the school and give themselves in. Law Enforcement will continue to investigate the scene.

The Sheriff wrote, ‘We are asking for the community’s assistance to ensure a smooth school release at the scheduled time (3:30 PM). In addition, we request that any children who have left the premises return for attendance. They must make their way back to the Great Falls High School bus loop as soon as possible.

The sheriff also mentioned that it is untrue that shots were fired on school property. No weapons have been located on the School’s property.

Officials claim that the school resource officer handcuffed and restrained an unauthorized adult. That person is currently being held while a probe is conducted. No further details regarding students have not been released publicly.

However, it is essential that the children can bear it and the bickering does not escalate to such an extent that they have to face any loss or harm due to aggression.

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