Makaila Hooper Missing, a Crowley, Texas Teen Missing Since October 3

Last Updated on November 24, 2023, 7:43 am

Makaila Hooper, a 14-year-old girl from Crowley, Texas, has been reported missing

Makaila Hooper Dead
Makaila Hooper (Image via Facebook)

Makaila Hooper, a 14-year-old girl from Crowley, Texas, has been reported missing since October 3, 2023, leaving her family reaching out to the community for assistance in locating her.

Her loved ones turned to social media to appeal to the community for help in her safe return. The family has requested anyone with any information related to her to come forward and inform law enforcement authorities, who are doing their best to locate the missing teen.

An extensive search began for locating Makaila and reuniting her with her family, who enlisted the help of an online community through social media in the hope that it could bring crucial information that might lead to bringing her home.

It is all of our responsibility to aid the distressed family by sharing the message so it might help locate her and return home safely.

Makaila Hooper Missing

Makaila Hooper, a 13-year-old girl from Crowley, Texas, disappeared on October 3, 2023. No one has seen or heard from her ever since.

She was last seen at the 9th-grade campus in Crowley, Texas. Makaila stands at 5’6” and has brown eyes and black hair. She was last seen wearing a distinctive red sweater with blue water patterns, blue jeans, and white and blue Jordan sneakers.

Her disappearance has left her family devastated. They have reached out to the online community for help. Any information regarding her whereabouts is highly important.

It is crucial to spread the word widely on social media and in your community to help reunite Makaila with her family. Please contact your local law enforcement authorities if you have any information about her.

 Is Makaila Hooper found yet?

No, Makaila Hooper is still missing. She has reportedly been missing since October 3, 2023. Her family filed her missing person report on Thanksgiving, one month after she was last spotted at the 9th-grade campus in Crowley, Texas, making the case ever more complex.

Law enforcement authorities swiftly began searching for her, but it is more complicated now that one month has passed since anyone saw her. The more time has passed since someone has gone missing, the more complicated it becomes as leads get cold.

But the authorities are doing their best to locate Makiala. The community cooperated and helped the authorities search the area where she was last seen and its vicinity. They shared the information on social media platforms in hopes that someone might have any information about her. Despite their best efforts, there is still no sign of her, nor any concrete lead.

The police are using every resource at their dispense to locate the missing teen. The community is doing everything they can to aid the authorities and families in whatever way they can. With widespread information on every platform, there might be a chance to bring her home safely.

We sincerely hope that wherever Makaila is, she is safe and that she is reunited with her family as soon as possible. Our best wishes and thoughts are with family and Makaila. May she return home safely.


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