Pennsylvania: Matt Hawryliw, Football Coach and Entrepreneur, Died at 35

Last Updated on September 11, 2023, 5:20 am

An American football coach and Local Funnel owner died unexpectedly at the young age of 35.

Matt Hawryliw Died
Matt Hawryliw (Image via Facebook)

Matt Hawryliw, an American football coach in Erie, Pennsylvania, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, September 9, 2023. He was 35 years old at the time of his untimely demise. His tragic passing left the community shocked and the family aggrieved.

Who was Matt Hawryliw?

Matt Hawryliw was a native of Erie, Pennsylvania. He was born on July 10, 1988, to Mike and ‘Dee Dee’ Hwryliw. He was a football coach and an entrepreneur who owned Local Funnel, sales funnels, and digital marketing businesses.

He studied finance at Gannon University and earned his Master of Business degree at Pennsylvania State University. He was a football coach in Erie for more than a decade. He was a fitness enthusiast. He loved animals and owned a dog named ‘Winston’ whom he loved as his son.

He was dedicated to the student-athletes, whom he trained with immense care. Not only did he help them achieve their athletic goals, but he also transformed their lives with his advice.

His invaluable insights and wisdom, which he attained over the years with experience, failures, and success alike, shaped the lives of young athletes. He inspired them with his devotion to them.

His dedicated care and unwavering commitment ensured students’ athletic aptitude and trained them to be their best selves. They looked up to him. His nurturing guidance brought out the best in them. Parents entrusted him with their children, and he delivered on that trust by transpiring culture and performance in them.

He was well-known for walking the extra to reach out to the students and work with them at great lengths. He cultivated an environment of mutual trust and respect among them. He ensured his students knew his dedication to them by attending every social event, even after he had stopped coaching them. He had kindness in his heart, and his students cherished every moment he spent training them and heeded every advice he had for them.

What happened to Matt Hawryliw?

The circumstances of his death were not shared with the public at the time. It is requested to all to respect the family’s mourning. His sudden and unexpected passing from the world has left a massive void in his loved one’s lives.

Obituary and funeral

His Obituary and funeral details will be shared with everyone by his family later. They are currently healing from their enormous loss.


The community has outpoured the support for the Hawryliw family. Friends have paid their tribute by reminiscing their fondest memories of him. The parents of the students he trained have paid their respects and shared with the world how much he meant to them and the vast impact he left on their children’s lives.

Jack Sullivan wrote on social media,

“You were among the smartest, strongest, big-hearted people I know. You were a true friend, and damn those are hard to find. Your parents loved you so much and were so proud of your degrees”, he continues, “35 years is way too damn young. You lived it hard & whole, though, and found your faith before the end. God has a plan. Maybe he needed you upstairs to help him with all the social media bullies in hell. Or it was time to catch your breath with Winston. I don’t know.… I know you were loved by so many and will be remembered by us all.

Love you, brother.”

A parent of a student, Steph Johnson, wrote,

“How lucky were we to have this amazing man as a mentor and coach for our young men he went the extra mile to reach out to them and work out with them and give them any advice they needed from someone who was their coach but still young enough to connect with them he came to every grad party even after he stopped coaching at Iroquois he made each of them know they had a place in his heart and now he will forever live on in ours…. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends and pray that he knew how important he was as a big part of our son’s growing up Thank you Coach Matt Hawryliw.”


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