Mike Anderson, an Army Infantry; Died Unexpectedly

Mike Anderson, an Army Infantry, passed away unexpectedly on October 4, 2023. Anderson was a resident of Anaheim, California, who profoundly cherished his nation. However, the Cause of his death is currently unknown, and no circumstances surrounding his death have been publicly announced.

Mike Anderson Dead
Mike Anderson (Image via Facebook)

Leslie DeWitt Dierks confirmed his death news through a social media post, which stated:

“I’ve only been with Veteran Air for five months. Mike Anderson, our owner, has passed away. What an enormous and shocking loss. Veterans, both he and his father were. He was a devoted family guy who contributed significantly to the community, his workers, and his business. 

I’ve never had such high regard for a coworker while working for a corporation. He was legendary and instantly held the attention of everyone in the room. At our most recent team meeting, he asked each of us to list on paper the number of persons “we”—his employees—are responsible for giving our families food.

He made us read the number of family members we are accountable for and must feed. About 30 sat in a circle, each reading our numbers aloud. His primary focus was on attaining success so we could all continue providing for our families. So very, very sad.”

He leaves behind his family, wife, and the entire community in grief and loss. Thoughts and Condolences to his family, friends and close companions; his funeral and burial details have not been released yet.

About Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson was a multifaceted devoted veteran, an esteemed employee of Veteran Air, and, most importantly, a devoted husband and father. Mike, who was from Anaheim and was born and reared there, has always loved his nation.

Mike’s career served as evidence of his commitment and effort. Mike’s influence extended beyond the HVAC industry. Mike was  a master in HVAC mechanic.

He joined Veteran Air after serving in the Army Infantry and rapidly established himself as a vital group member. He won the respect and admiration of his coworkers because of his military training and discipline, which were demonstrated in his work ethic.

His zeal and desire to uphold stringent commitments and quality standards motivated the organization. Mike’s work ethic and ethics revealed his dedication to excellence beyond heating and cooling systems.

He was actively involved in his neighborhood, frequently giving his time and money to improve things. His dedication to the Army Infantry, which exhibited his bravery and patriotism, was motivated by this patriotism.

Mike discovered a different way to give back to his country after leaving the military with Veteran Air. Despite his professional achievements, he was also a mentor, a friend, and a significant contributor to the nation.

He was aware that compassionate people create strong communities. Mike devoted his time and efforts to helping his neighborhood. Mike set a good example by participating in community service projects, mentoring children, and supporting worthy organizations.

Mike’s legacy will always endure, and his loved ones will dearly miss him. Prayers for him; Rest in Peace, Mike.

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