Terrible Loss of Mike Krause, a Renowned Wrestling Coach; Died Unexpectedly

A well-known youth wrestling coach, Mike Krause, passed away on Thursday, October 5, 2023. He was the head coach of the wrestling team at Detroit Catholic Central High School in Novi, Michigan, located near west of Detroit.

Mike Krause Died
Mike Krause (Image via Facebook)

He became known for his outstanding coaching methods and was acknowledged as one of the world’s most prestigious youth wrestling coaches. The family hasn’t provided any information on Krause’s cause of death.

Elizabeth Krause released his death news through a Facebook post, which stated:

“I’m devastated to inform everyone about Coach Krause Mike Krause’s untimely passing. On Sunday, the Red Cross will fly our son Andrew home, and funeral arrangements will be made public shortly after. The funeral will occur near Hartland, Michigan, our hometown.

Our family knows how much Mike meant to so many of you. We intend to tell you about those memories soon. We would all love to hear from you and see your pictures in the coming days, but the kids and I need time to process everything.”

Social media have been poured with sympathies and tributes on Mike’s demise; his loved ones will dearly miss him. Thoughts and Condolences to his family, friends, and community.

About Mike Krause

Mike Krause, born in Livonia, Michigan, subsequently made his home in Spring, Texas. He held the prestigious post of National Wrestling Clinician and served as the head coach of the NXT LVL Bandits during his notable career in wrestling.

His decision to attend Michigan State University to further his education demonstrated his passion for the game and gave him the groundwork for a successful coaching career. He gained a deeper understanding of wrestling methods at Michigan State and learned essential life skills that would eventually shape his coaching philosophy.

Mike’s life was defined by his everlasting love for his family and kids, unrivaled passion for wrestling, and incredible human connection capacity. Many people knew him as “Coach Krause” because he influenced and inspired thousands of young people around the country, including our Shamrocks. He was a constant source of heat.

Krause was renowned for his zeal and contagious enthusiasm, and he had an incredible capacity to inspire children with lessons that may change their lives. He showed early signs of a lifelong interest in the activity and committed to developing his abilities through perseverance and diligence.  Krause’s influence extended far beyond the wrestling ring.

He taught technical skills and priceless life values like tenacity, discipline, and sportsmanship while coaching. Many of his wrestlers credit Coach Krause with helping them succeed, recognizing his importance in paving their way to success.

GoFundMe Fundraiser

Mitch Hancock has organized a GoFundMe page; the page was created to raise funds for Mike’s funeral and memorial services. Hancock wrote in his statement that:

“Along with other special loved ones, please join us in keeping Coach Krause’s family, Beth, and their children Andrew, Bella, Jake, and Eva in your thoughts and prayers during this trying time. Let’s think about the ways we can support our youth like Mike did for so many years as we wait to learn about his funeral arrangements. We urge you to think about contributing to the Krause Memorial Fund in remembrance of him. The fund was established to support Beth and Mike’s kids during this difficult time.”

The campaign has started to collect $25,000 goal, and $14,542 has been raised. Anyone who wants to donate can easily donate funds to the family in tragic times. Mike’s legacy will always endure. Prayers for him; Rest in Peace, Mike Krause.

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