Natasha McCoy, Mother of General Hospital Actress Eden McCoy, Passed Away After Cancer Battle

Last Updated on November 7, 2023, 5:35 am

Eden McCoy, the actress who portrays Josslyn Jacks on General Hospital, mourns the loss of her mother, Natasha McCoy.

Eden McCoy Dead
Natasha McCoy, the mother of actress Eden McCoy. (Image via Facebook)

Natasha McCoy, the mother of actress Eden McCoy, has tragically passed away after losing her battle with cancer. Eden McCoy is well known for her portrayal of Josslyn

Jacks on the popular television series General Hospital. The actress shared the heartbreaking news of her mother’s passing in a post on her Instagram, along with a picture of her mother from the last trip they took together.

She shared her feelings and her hesitation for posting something so personal on ‘the most impersonal space,’ but she understands that all who knew her mother and herself deserved to know about her and mourn her in whatever way they may choose.

She disclosed that her mother, Natasha McCoy, had been battling with cancer for the past two and a half years and ‘has now left physically.’ While Eden’s life has taken a drastic turn and is bound to change forever, something will remain carved in her heart forever. “She was, is, and will be the best thing I have ever known,” she wrote, “She is responsible for every good part of me, and she took me with her when she left.”

The twenty-year-old actress shared some wisdom as well and said nothing is promised. Life doesn’t owe anything to anyone, and it can change in a moment. She shared what her mother used to say, “do everything as if it is your last time doing it.” She said losing her mother had always been her greatest fear. We are all living on borrowed time on earth, and so are our parents. But we naively think it will never happen to us until it does. Losing a parent is always challenging. “I would do anything and give everything for one more minute with her,” she said but also acknowledged that she felt lucky to know her mother and was very close to her.

“Mom, I expected a lot more time with you than was given, but that doesn’t make the time we shared together not enough. I’m sad that I cannot come with you, but I have to believe that wherever you’re going will be a magical experience. My one wish is that we will meet again. You carried me with you for 9 months, and now I carry you forever. I see you everywhere.”

We offer our deepest condolences to the grieving family and friends and hope wherever Natasha McCoy went, may she find peace and comfort, knowing that she has raised a beautiful human being.


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