Tragic Loss: What Happened to 9-Year-Old Olivia Weatherford?

Last Updated on September 13, 2023, 4:17 pm

Olivia Weatherford, a 9.5-year-old girl, passed away on Tuesday, 12, 2023, after a long battle with pediatric cancer. Olivia was tucked into bed when she passed away at her home, in the presence of her family.

Olivia Weatherford Died
Olivia Weatherford (Image via Facebook)

Olivia entered in heaven on September 12 at 6:04 p.m. According to her father’s statement, she has been battling with cancer for the last 4.5 years.

Olivia left the world by leaving her family and community in mourning and loss; no words can heal the pain of her parents in this difficult time.

Olivia’s father, Aron Weatherford, released her death news on September 13 through a Facebook post that stated:

“When a family receives a pediatric cancer diagnosis, it’s been a difficult day, and things won’t be the same again. We’ll make plans for the time being and announce them when they’re prepared. We know many people would want to attend or offer their sympathies.

Without you, we undoubtedly would not have progressed this far. Olivia is no longer battling cancer; her spirit will continue to live on in our lives and those of the people we cherish and adore.”

Thoughts and Condolences to her family and community; the family will soon share specifics about the funeral services and request to say a prayer for our souls right now. Pray for Olivia’s younger siblings; Ella and Eli, who sobbed when they discovered why their sister is not returning home.

What Happened to Olivia Weatherford

In 2019, Olivia received a stage IV high-risk neuroblastoma diagnosis two weeks after her fifth birthday. She had problems walking and struggled with stomach and leg pain. She is still battling for her life more than 4.5 years later.

Olivia had received treatmeny at Texas Children’s, Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She has had extensive chemotherapy, full-body radiation, surgeries, transplants, CAR-T therapy, immunotherapy, and other treatments.

Olivia has only been proclaimed NED for a few months during her second year of treatment after receiving numerous therapies and drugs throughout the years. She fought with courage, joy, and beauty throughout it all, being a true fighter.

Olivia’s father, Aaron shared a post on Facebook a day before she died in which he stated that She hadn’t eaten in almost 15 days; Olivia only intakes water that she swallows with a single pill that we have to beg her to take.

Olivia had bed sores that are starting to appear because she sleeps on her back; she became more restless during the times Olivia should be sleeping, and she is so weak that she can’t stand up on her own or sit up without us pulling her.

Despite our best efforts, the last two days have been the most challenging in managing the pain and nausea. Despite monitoring her medications and attempting to interpret her cues, we cannot make her feel particularly comfortable.

There are no treatments in the works, and she won’t even accept the stronger chemotherapy drugs that could temporarily slow the illness’s progression. We’re in a situation where a miracle might be the only thing that saves us.

Olivia’s decline over the past two days has broken our hearts, and we can’t help but keep an eye on her and treasure whatever words or glances she may give us. Our strong, sassy, and fierce girl is deteriorating. We want her to be as relaxed and at peace as possible if she’s going to pass. She is due for that, but unfortunately, she died the next day after the post.

Ask for an unfathomable tranquility in your prayers. Olivia’s father also wrote in her post that Olivia will be seen in the generosity we extend to others; when we make someone’s day better, she will always be there with a smile. And the love we extend to people in need will reveal her heart.

Olivia had become the spotlight angel of Pediatric Cancer Supporters of Cleveland, TN; she was a true fighter and survivor.

Prayers for the little girl; she had suffered for a long time. May her soul get peace. Rest in Peace, Olivia.


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