Nashville Resident Paizley Wilburn Passed Away in Unfortunate Car Crash

Last Updated on October 16, 2023, 5:14 am

A tragic accident happened; Nashville Paizley Wilburn died on 14 October 2023. Her family, friends, and community are shocked by her sudden death. She was a realtor and a dedicated person passionate about their work at ABC Nashville’s cooperation. Everyone who knew Paizley was coming together during this difficult time, pulling on one another for support and hoping for her soul to find peace.

Paizley Wilburn Dead
Paizley Wilburn (Image via Facebook)

In this mourning situation, our prayers and support for the Wilburn family suffering from this terrible face of life, where they lose a particular person.

Who was Paizley Wilburn?

She was a resident of Nashville and Pulaski, cities of Tennessee. Paizley was a well-known Lipscomb University graduate whose influence extended beyond her career accomplishments when she joined her career in sales. She once worked at JumpCrew as an account executive in sales and marketing. 

As time passed, she continued to better herself; she entered the USA in 2021 and became Miss Tennessee. She was a person who inspired everyone with her kindness, empathy, and funny humor.

She was kind-hearted and loved to help and support people in their worst times. Today is when Paizley and her family need support in this sorrowful week Because Paizley is gone and left behind her dreams, goals, and beloved family & friends.

What is the cause of her death?

Paizley, a devoted person who had a hunger to achieve her goals and influenced many in real life and on social media platforms, is no longer with us. Her beloved mother, Debbie Glass Wilburn, confirmed Paizley’s death on Facebook. She declared the death of the darling daughter. 

She posted a tribute to her and shared her feelings when she learned that her daughter had passed away.

Police are investigating the mystery surrounding her death and have not released any information about her or her mother.

We will update our followers as soon as the authority or the Wilburn family announces the details reflecting the death cause.

Funeral Details:

Their memories of Paizley are forever carved with her sparkling laugh, beautiful smile, and forever devotion, offering peace in the middle of their sorrow. The lives of everyone lucky enough to know Paizley were impacted by her influence far beyond her close circle. Sadly, the family of Wilburn has not yet announced the information about her funeral; perhaps they are still in shock and unable to make this choice. Later, they will make it public.

Our support and prayers are with the Wilburn family suffering from this terrible situation. We hope that your family will recover soon from this incident. May GOD open the door of HEAVEN for Paizley.


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