Sable Square, Cape Town Shooting: Businessman Shot by Motorcyclist

Last Updated on October 4, 2023, 1:52 pm

An automobilist businessman was killed at Sable Square, Cape Town; the man was driving in his car on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, around eight in the morning and was shot by a murderer man who was riding a motorcycle and attacked him.

Sable Square Cape Town Shooting
Sable Square (Image via

According to a complaint, a motorcyclist stopped next to the Victim and fired several shots at him. Medical personnel pronounced the man dead at the site. However, the attack’s purpose is still unclear.

The incident occurred on the corner of Bosmansdam and Omuramba roads, near Montague Gardens in Cape Town  along a road in the Milnerton neighborhood. Cape Town police are looking into the incident. Additionally, it was stated that the G-wagon was involved in an accident following the fatal gunfire.

This incident occurred a day after Western Cape Police Minister Bheki Cele spoke about crime and gunshots, claiming that the region had seen 100 fatalities in the previous seven days.Thoughts and Condolences to the Victim’s family and community.

About The Victim

Western Cape police spokesperson Sergeant Wesley Twigg verified the murder. He said that the Victim was a foreigner. Sources with links to law enforcement disclosed the apparent identity of the killed man, but his name was not formally released yet.

The individual may be of Israeli descent despite having a South African identity number. Milnerton police arrived at the area and discovered the Victim there; his body was found with bullet wounds, according to Twigg.

The resources have also assumed that In Cape Town, extortion in the construction sector is a significant issue, and the individual who was killed may have been the one who engaged in the building, luxury car, and real estate industries.

Images that appeared to be taken at the scene showed a black Mercedes-Benz G400 on its side with a broken windscreen and blood all over it. Police and emergency vehicles, as well as a tape-enclosed area, were also seen in the video.

Previous Similar Motorcyclist Murderer Attack in Cape Town

In killings similar cases to the one on Wednesday, assassins have occasionally utilized motorcycles. For instance, a gunman riding a motorcycle appeared outside a restaurant in Gordon’s Bay, some 50 kilometers from Cape Town’s city center, and shot Stephan Venter, whose name is well-known in organized crime circles related to drugs.

In 2011, organized crime boss Cyril Beeka was assassinated in the Belhar neighborhood of Cape Town, which was another memorable attack employing a motorcycle. In that incident, Beeka was thought to have been attacked by two men on a motorcycle while being driven by a friend who later turned out to be Serbian assassin Dobrosav Gavric.

The local authorities are still looking into the specifics of the incident, the reason for the attack, and the identity of the individuals who took part.


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