Shahed Hossain, a Bangladeshi Musician, Guitarist, and Songwriter, Died in a Road Accident

Last Updated on January 10, 2024, 7:12 am

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Shahed Hossain, a guitarist who performed with notable Bangladeshi bands like Mechanix and Poraho, passed away in an accident.

Shahed Hossain Dead
Shahed Hossain (image via Facebook)

Shahed Hossain, a musician, guitarist, and songwriter from Dhaka, Bangladesh, passed away in a tragic road accident on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. He was an ex-guitarist for a renowned Bangladeshi band, Mechanix.

What happened to Shahed Hossain?

Shahid Hossain passed away in a road accident on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. The details of the accident have not been made public at the moment. Atabbuzzman Tridib announced the sad news of his untimely departure in a post on social media, which read,

“Shahed Hossain, ex guitarist of Mechanix died today in a tragic road accident. Inna Lillahi Wah Inna Eilaihi Rajiun(Indeed, we belong to Allah, and Indeed, to Him we return).Please pray for his soul.”

Who was Shahed Hossain?

Shahed Hossain was a renowned musician, guitarist, and singer/songwriter. He was a native of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He worked with popular music bands in Bangladesh, including Mechanix and Poraho. He played guitar and also wrote songs for the bands.

Shahed was a RAJUK Uttara Model School and College graduate and attended Uttara University to further his education. Aside from his musical career, he has held several jobs, including a former Event Manager at Dugdugi, a former Game Developer at ITIW, and a former Public Relations Coordinator at Daraz Online Shopping.

He found his calling in music and played professional guitar in notable bands such as Mechanix and Poraho. He mastered the art of guitar music and could easily play several genres, such as metal, thrash metal, rock, and progressive. According to Shahed, each genre influenced his ‘personal musicality’. “my musical influences and interests are reflected through my songs.”

He also wrote songs for Mechanix and Poraho in different genres. In an interview with a local magazine, he said he draws inspiration from renowned artist Ranjan Bhai from Arbovirus. He also mentioned that he loved pop music and listened to Katy Perry, Richard Marx, Backstreet Boys, Symphony X, Arch Enemy, and many more.

“Musician can’t be a musician alone,” he said, “His influences, inspirations, band mates, and friends make him who he is. It’s always important to keep them in mind and carry on.” Speaking about tough times and life challenges, he said, “Even when you lose motives, pull yourself up, not for yourself, but for the people who have brought you to this stage.”

We offer our deepest sympathies to his family, friends, and fans. May he rest in peace.


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