Stephen Simmons’ Missing Took Tragic Turn, Found Dead at Sunderland; What Happened to Him?

Last Updated on October 2, 2023, 7:24 am

Stephen Simmons’ body was discovered in a Sunderland North East cemetery last Sunday, and it has been positively identified that the 62-year-old was reported missing more than five months prior on Thursday, April 6.

Stephen Simmons Dead
Stephen Simmons (Image via Newcastle Chronicle)

According to Northumbria officers, on Sunday, September 24, just before 6.20 PM6.20 PM, officers were notified of discovering a body in a secret grassy area close to Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Sunderland.

A Sunderland resident, Simmons was last seen in Pallion’s Saint Luke’s Terrace neighborhood. Northumbria officers released Stpehen’s death news and stated in an official Facebook post that:

“This afternoon, I have some extremely terrible news to give. Sadly, a body has been discovered while looking for missing Stephen Simmons from Sunderland. The 62-year-old was last seen in Pallion’s Saint Luke’s Terrace neighborhood on Thursday, April 6. When he didn’t come home or get in touch with his family, he was reported as missing.”

After discovering a body on Sunday (September 24), Northumbria Police officers blocked off portions of Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Sunderland earlier this week.

Officers are still on the scene conducting inquiries, and an investigation into the discovery has been opened; a police perimeter and forensics tent have been set up at the location.

Thoughts and Condolences to his family and community. No further details regarding Stephen’s appearance have been shared, nor have his funeral and burial services disclosed publicly.

What Happened to Stephen?

Police said the discovery was connected to the search for missing Stephen Simmons. A 62-year-old found dead after six months was last seen in Pallion’s Saint Luke’s Terrace neighborhood on April 6.

He was declared missing when he didn’t show up at his house or get in touch with his family. Officers began searching the surrounding area, looking at CCTV, and making door-to-door inquiries as part of the investigation.

The residents of surrounding streets who spoke with The Echo said, this was unusual for the peaceful region. According to reports, the body was discovered on the cemetery grounds close to a small structure; the area’s property has been “derelict” for a while.

An eyewitness claimed, “I came past last night around 9 PM and they had the lights on; since the house has been vacant for a while, something could be going on inside.”

According to the police, formal identification has finally been completed, confirming that Stephen’s body is, in fact, there and stated We don’t think there was any outside interference in his death. The coroner will now receive a report.

We will keep supporting them and ask that their privacy be respected as they adjust to this tragic development, Northumbria Police Superintendent Rob Bosson said in his Facebook statement.


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