Susi Newborn, an Iconic Activist and Author, Died After Battling Cancer

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Susi Newborn was the founding director of Greenpeace UK and Greenpeace International.

Susi Newborn Dead
Susi Newborn (Image via Facebook)

Susi Newborn, a renowned activist, author, and co-founder of Greenpeace UK and Greenpeace International, passed away after bravely battling cancer and cardiac health issues on December 31, 2023. She bought and named Rainbow Warrior, gave it its iconic Rainbow/Dove meme, and campaigned for Friend of the Earth and Oxfam. She was also an activist for climate change and inequality.

Who was Susi Newborn?

Susi Newborn was the daughter of an Argentinean diplomat in London. She was one of the co-founders of Greenpeace UK and Greenpeace International. She bought and named the Rainbow Warrior, a ship owned by Greenpeace that was used in protests against environmental damage from 1978 until its infamous sinking by French agents in 1985. She gave the boat its iconic Rainbow/Dove meme and has campaigned for Friends of the Earth and Oxfam. Recently, she has been actively advocating for climate change and inequality.

She was a published author of A Bonfire in My Mouth and Rainbow Warrior, which she co-authored. Her book has been adopted for a feature film as well as the documentary Kit & Maynie: Tea, Scones, and Nuclear Disarmament, which she co-produced and co-directed. It was nominated for Best Direction and Best Documentary at the NeZealand International Documentary Film Festival.

She is well-known for dedicating her life to environment and human rights activism. She had an honors degree in Human Ecology. Her current motto was “Still Rainbow, more Warrior!”

What happened to Susi Newborn?

Susi Newborn underwent surgery and treatment for her breast cancer five years ago. During this time, she was diagnosed with life-threatening heart issues and underwent open-heart surgery. After which, she was facing complications. Earlier this year, CT scans showed likely cancer in her lung, which, according to a GoFundMe page established to help her, was possibly caused by exposure to nuclear radiation while protesting the shipments of nuclear waste. In June 2023, she started SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Radiation Therapy).

She battled her deteriorating health issues and financial challenges with courage and perseverance. She weathered her troubles with a smile on her face. Her friends and colleagues rallied around her, provided her with a home, and established a GoFundMe to assist her in finding a forever home for her. On December 31, 2023, she lost her battle with cancer and passed away, leaving a void in the world of environmental activism that can never be filled. Her loss marks the end of an era in the activism world.

The world is forever indebted to her for her tireless advocacy for environment and human rights activism.

Her legacy lives forever in the movement she initiated and fought for decades to save the planet and its inhabitants, human and animals alike. We salute her courage and humanity.


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