Tanya and Rayna Roy, Twin Sisters, Were Found Dead Outside the Campus Edge Apartment

Last Updated on October 13, 2023, 5:11 am

Two women found dead in Lafayette Count, Indian identified as Twin Sisters.

Tanya and Rayna Roy Dead
Tanya and Rayna Roy (Image via Facebook)

Tanya and Rayna Roy, twin sisters of age 25, were found dead outside Campus Edge apartments on Wednesday night, October 11, 2023, in West Lafayette County, Indiana.

Who were Tonya and Rayna Roy?

Tippecanoe County Coroner Office released the identifications of young women who died outside the Campus Edge apartment. The women were identified as Tanya Roy and Rayna Roy.

Tonya and Rayna Roy were twin sisters. They were both 25 years old. Tonya Roy was a student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Ecological Engineering in 2020. She earned the Presidential Scholarship in 2019.

Spokesperson Tim Doty said there is no record of Rayna as a student at Purdue University.

What happened to Tanya and Rayna Roy?

West Lafayette Police Department responded to a report of two people found unresponsive in an alley between an apartment complex and Westwood Apartment on the 100 block of Pierce Street, in Lafayette County, Indiana, on Wednesday.

The Tippecanoe County coroner’s office identified the two women as Tanya Roy and Rayna Roy, 25-year-old twin sisters.

According to West Lafayette Police Lt. Jason Philhower, who told the media about 10 p.m. “We originally responded to a report of two people in an alleyway with blood all over them,”

Philhower told the media that a bystander who called the authorities also attempted CRP to save the women before police arrived but was unsuccessful.

The two sisters were pronounced dead at the scene. Philhower said, “This is an ongoing death investigation.”

The bystander who also witnessed the incident told the media that the sisters had jumped from an apartment balcony on a higher floor.
WLPD Lt. John Edgar said that he observed injuries that appeared to be consistent with a fall. He told the media that police searched the seventh-floor apartment, presumably where the girls lived.

He told the media that the unfortunate young woman’s parents were visiting from New York State, and upon their arrival at the apartment, the police greeted them. The parents were going to help the twins move back. The officers could not allow the parents into the apartment. The heartbroken parents returned to the alley where the

police had sealed off the area of the scene to the general public.

An official report will be released regarding the cause of death after scheduled for Friday autopsies.

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