Two Missing Children, Ages 5 and 6, Last Seen at Indianapolis Playground, Found Safe

Last Updated on October 5, 2023, 10:19 am

Indiana Metropolitan Police Department says the two missing Indianapolis children, ages 5 and 6, were found safe.

Two Missing Children, Ages 5 and 6, Last Seen at Indianapolis Playground, Found Safe
Two Missing Children, Ages 5 and 6, Found Safe (Image via Facebook)

IMPD confirmed on Wednesday that both children were located after an hour of reaching out to the public for help. No other information was provided by the police about where the children were found. The Officers thanked the community for their support in the crucial task of finding the children safely.

In a press release earlier on Wednesday, the IMPD had said that the Missing Person detectives were investigating the disappearance of two children. One child was five years old, and the other six years old. The IMPD requested the public to help find two missing children last seen at a playground on the south side of Indianapolis City.

According to the IMPD, the two children were last seen at the playground near the 3200 block of Laurel Street on the City’s south side on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. The police did not provide the time of disappearance.

In the release, the police said that one of the children was last seen wearing a Marvel t-shirt, gray sweatpants, and black Nike shoes with red soles and swooshes, and the other was wearing a black shirt, gray leggings, black jacket, and white and orange Crocs.

The police requested the citizens to provide any information regarding the children to the authorities and call 911 immediately. They can also call (317) 262-TIPS to remain anonymous.

In a report, over 30 children had gone missing in Indiana in 2022. Amber alerts were sent to the general public’s phones to enlist their help searching for missing children.

The police issue an Amber Alert or a Silver Alert to reach out to the public for any information regarding the missing individual. There are specific regulations that a person’s disappearance must meet for the police to issue an Amber Alert or Silver Alert.

An Amber Alert is for children under 18 who are believed to have been abducted and in danger. Police also require information about the suspect and their vehicle to issue an Amber Alert.

A silver Alert is for missing adults and children in danger. These Alerts are more common for the missing people. Missing Children were included in Silver Alert last year.


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