Janna Dominguez’s Stepdaughter, Yzabel Ablan, Passed Away. What Happened to Her?

Last Updated on October 10, 2023, 10:46 am

The community is mourning the death of young Yzabel after her mother confirmed her death on social media. The community outpours heartfelt thoughts with her due to her cherished personality and inspirational life.

Yzabel’s death was announced just a day after she shared the news of giving birth to her fourth child, a baby boy named Leon.

Yzabel Ablan Dead
Yzabel Ablan (Image via Facebook)

Who was Yzabel Ablan?

Yzabel Ablan was a cherished girl and an inspiration for many people. She was the daughter of Mickey Ablan with his previous wife and stepdaughter of Janna Dominguez, who is a Filipino actress and comedian. Although she was not the biological daughter of Janna Dominguez, they share a true mother-daughter bond. She had two sisters who were very close to her.

His mother, Janna Dominguez, declared the news of her death on social media on 8 October 2023 in a heartfelt message that said, “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our beloved Yzabel Ablan. She has touched so many lives and has been an inspiration to many.”

Yzabel Alban’s cause of death

According to the reports, Yzabel Ablan died due to health complications. She died due to a heart attack and lung infection. Her mother informed that the day before her death, they went for a doctor’s consultation regarding her health, which assured her that she would be fine by using the medication, but she died suddenly on Sunday, 8 October.

Yzabel health issues

Yzabel Ablan had been suffering from heart issues since her childhood. Her heart does not function normally. Due to the heart damage, the doctor placed a pacemaker device in her chest that helped her heart to work correctly. She had undergone many surgeries to manage her heart problems.

The other problem she had was hydrocephalus, which is the building up of fluid in the brain, due to which he had headaches with vision and thinking difficulties.

She also had to undergo surgery to replace a heart valve to improve blood flow. She underwent surgery with a tube called a shunt placed into the brain to drain the excess fluid. Despite many struggles to maintain her health, she passed away suddenly with a heart attack and a lung infection at the time of her death.

Yzabel suffered from health deterioration but always stayed positive and made people happy. She also loved singing, dancing, and spending quality time with her family. She had a dream to go to South Africa.

Memorial wake

To pay honor and celebrate her life, her family arranged a wake at La Pieta Funeral Homes, Angeles, Pampanga, scheduled to start from 8 October 2023 till 13 October.

Her family, friends, and loved ones are requested to come and unite to pay her respect and celebrate her life by remembering the joy, positivity, and laughter she brought into people’s lives and taking lessons she taught with her resilience while in a bad health condition.

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