Louise Shockey, Wife of Jim Shockey, Dies of Lung Cancer

Last Updated on September 27, 2023, 11:19 am

Famous Shockey family mourns the death of Louise Shockey.

Louise Shockey Died
Louise Shockey (Image via Facebook)

The Shockey family endured the loss of Louise Shockey, who lost her battle with lung cancer this week. Louise Shockey, wife of Jim Shockey, a famous outdoors hunter, TV host and producer, passed away due to lung cancer. The family shared the news of her passing on social media.

Who are Jim Shockey and Luis Shockey?

They are a famous Canadian couple that have been inseparable for 39 years until death stole Louise Shockey away. Jim Shockey is a famous outdoor writer, big game outfitter, TV show producer and host. Louis Shockey has co-hosted several shows with her life partner, Jim Shockey, including Jim Shockey’s Uncharted and Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures, in which they embark on hunting adventures worldwide.

In their show, Shockey hunts a range of big game animals worldwide, depicting the raw beauty and challenges of outdoor hunting in remote locations. He also advocates for practising hunting ethically respecting Mother Nature and the sustainability of its habitats.

What happened to Louis Shockey?

In November 2021, Jim Shockey shared the news of his wife battling terminal lung cancer with the world in a post on social media. The fans and followers of the family have been supporting them, sending prayers and well wishes for the family ever since.

Sadly, Louise Shockey lost her battle with cancer. Both Jim Shockey and their daughter Eva Shockey shared the news of her death with the world on social media.
Jim Shockey wrote a heartfelt note for his beloved wife,

“This is true courage. 39 years ago, I promised this beautiful lady, “I will be there for you, in sickness and in health, ’til death do us part. And I will protect you from harm.”
And now, as I sit here helpless, grieving and knowing I did not, could not, protect my soul mate from this harm…she is smiling. She is smiling! She is smiling to let me know, “It’s okay. It’s not your fault.”

She is smiling to tell me, “Do not hurt. Do not feel sorrow for me.”

She smiles to help me always remember the good times, the love we felt for each other and the love we shared for our family and friends.

Louise smiles to let me and all of us know, “I am at peace.”

This is true courage.”

Their daughter, Eva Shockey, shared with the world on September 21, 2023, in the post that they were saying their goodbyes to her mother. The post said,

“We are saying goodbye to my beautiful Mama today. My heart is breaking into a million pieces, but knowing God will give her comfort gives me peace.”

On Friday, September 22, 2023, she posted on social media that her mother had departed from the world and joined the angels above.

“My Mama is a Heavenly Angel”

Unconfirmed reports say that it was an assisted suicide. She was battling aggressive last-stage lung cancer and was assisted in relieving herself from the pain. However, it is not confirmed at the moment.


The community has been immensely supportive of the family during Louis’s battle with cancer, and now they have shown overwhelming support for the family in this difficult time. Public figures, fans and followers of the family have outpoured support for the family.

PoineerPauli (Public figure) wrote.

I am speechless. She has had such a fulfilling life

Melissa “Missy” Gilliland (Public figure) wrote,

“Beautiful tribute for a beautiful soul. Thoughts and prayers for you and your sweet family.”

Journalist Gabriella Hoffman wrote,

“Very sorry for your loss, Mr. Shockey.”

Heather Marie wrote,

“So sorry for your loss! She was such a beautiful woman with a kind and loving soul! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Eva and the rest of your family during this time.”
Jackie White wrote,

“I have no words! I am sitting here with water pouring out of my eyes! I don’t even truly know you or your beautiful family, but you have brought us into your lives, and I feel as if we are a part of your journey. I am so sorry this has happened. For some reason, God wanted her with him. Only he knows why. I hope your pain will lessen with time if at all possible. All my love to you and your family at this difficult time.”

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