Shepherdsville Girl, Luci Krueger, Dies in Tragic Accident

Last Updated on August 28, 2023, 1:18 pm

Luci Krueger, a resident of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, sadly lost her life after being involved in a fatal car accident. She passed away at the age of 16. The public was informed of Luci Krueger’s passing by her family.

Luci Krueger Dies in Tragic Accident
Luci Krueger (Image via Facebook)

The family members, still grieving their vast loss, chose not to disclose the specifics of the car accident that caused her death. Luci Krueger underwent brain surgery following the deadly traffic crash and was later declared dead. Her loved ones were by her side when she died in the hospital.

Her death news announced on August 26, 2023, through a Facebook post of Amie Krueger

“God, we weren’t prepared to give this one up even though I know we are all living on borrowed time; 16 years wasn’t long enough. Our girl was determined and had lofty aspirations. She was succeeding in life. She was witty, gorgeous, intelligent, and sassy. She undoubtedly followed her path and lived life to the fullest.

Even though I am aware of her unwavering faith and the fact that she was welcomed into heaven by her Papaw, Nanny, Shelly, and Danny, the pain remains in this place.  Everybody has a hole in their heart. I want to share our final photo of her, which was shot a week ago during her first cross-country competition of the year. Thanks, Justin King, I’m grateful you snapped it.”

The news of her passing has left a profound void, touching the hearts of many; she was a genuinely wonderful person, radiating beauty both in her heart and outwardly.

About Incident:

When Luci Krueger was recently engaged in a catastrophic vehicle accident, her life took a terrible turn. She was critically injured in the accident, requiring brain surgery to save her life.

Luci’s injuries proved too severe despite medical professionals’ diligent efforts, and regrettably, she passed away from the injuries she acquired in the tragedy. A family acquaintance confirmed this tragic information even though the public has not been given any specific information on the circumstances of the car accident.

Luci’s uncle Justin Hall posted about her death news on Facebook; he stated:

“Luci Krueger, our cherished niece, passed away today. At family events, she was always the first to embrace her cousins and exuded happiness. In order to help Amie, Todd, and Noah during these incredibly trying days, we humbly beg for your prayers. How such a catastrophe could befall someone so young is beyond comprehension.”

Who Was Luci Krueger?

Luci Krueger was a young girl from Shepherdsville, Kentucky, who profoundly influenced those who knew her. Luci Krueger, the beloved daughter of Amie and Todd Krueger.

Despite her young age, she showed exceptional traits that made her stand out, including brilliance, beauty, a tinge of sassiness, and a great sense of humor. Luci did not follow the crowd; she valued her uniqueness and made the most of her existence.

Luci made sure her presence was felt by everyone fortunate enough to know her and was known for her unplanned gestures of charity and kindness.

Thoughts and Condolences to her family, her funeral details have not been publicly disclosed. Many people are sending condolences and prayers to her family on social media.

Emily Louise Campanell wrote on Facebook:

“Every time I try to post, I delete it because I can’t believe it’s happening. All of the girls I work with and coach become my own. I love every one of them and develop bonds with them. Regardless of how much time has passed, I will never forget them.

Every time we practiced, Luci made me chuckle. She put in a lot of effort, and I appreciated how much we both enjoyed being outside especially fishing! She was incredibly generous. She has a lovely soul on the inside and out.

For her parents and family, my heart is breaking. There are no words to lessen the pain when something like this occurs. Why doesn’t it have enough explanations? Please remember to pray for Amie Krueger and her family.”


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