Unverified Suicide Message Raises Concerns for South African Music Star Makhadzi

Last Updated on November 13, 2023, 10:06 am

Concerns Arise Amidst Unverified Suicide Message on Makhadzi’s Facebook

makhadzi Suicide Post
Makhadzi (Image via Facebook)

Recent disturbing reports about the renowned musician Makhadzi have shaken the South African music industry. Makhadzi posted an unverified suicide-related message allegedly posted on her Facebook page early last Saturday.  When rumors of a purported suicide note appeared on her Facebook page and spread quickly over other platforms, speculation erupted into a frenzy.

The musician from Limpopo declared her intention to take her own life. She posted the article on Facebook, but it was quickly removed. “I am now ending my life for good. RIP to me. Please don’t call me no one will answer.” A screenshot of the removed message went viral on social media, raising user concerns.

Makhadzi suicide note

But after more research, the alleged message appears to have been removed from her Facebook profile, casting doubt on its veracity. Although the purported tweet has been removed, the screenshots shared on social networking sites like Twitter and X have raised a wave of alarm.

Reliable sources have not verified Makhadzi’s death, and the singer has not commented on the suicide reports. As of now, there is no official verification of Makhadzi’s death from reliable sources, and the singer herself has not commented on the suicide reports.

About Makhadzi:

Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, widely known as Makhadzi, is a prominent South African musician born on June 30, 1996, in Ha-Mashamba, Limpopo. Commencing her artistic journey as a dancer at the age of twelve, she later found success in the music industry.

Makhadzi joined Rita Dee Entertainment during her student years, and her debut album, “Muhwalo Uya Ndemela,” was released in 2015. Her breakthrough came with the release of “Tshanda Vhuya” in 2017, earning her widespread acclaim. Building on her success, Makhadzi’s eighth studio album, “Matorokisi” (2019), debuted in second place in South Africa.

Her ninth album, “Kokovha” (2020), succeeded further by debuting at the top of the South African iTunes album rankings. The alarming statement on Makhadzi has become a trending topic, with fans expressing concern.

While some fear for the artist’s mental health, many speculate that her account may have been hacked. Some even suggest that the message could have been manipulated for online impact. As the situation unfolds, fans and the public await official updates and statements from credible sources.

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