Nazir Razak Weds Entrepreneur and Cosmetic Company Founder Yati Zainuddin

Last Updated on November 18, 2023, 5:23 am

Malaysia: Renowned banking executive Nazir Razak marries cosmetic company founder Yati Zainuddin; Divorce with first wife Azlina Aziz sparks online debate.

Nazir Razak Weds Entrepreneur and Cosmetic Company Founder Yati Zainuddin
Nazir Razak’s Wedding (Image via Facebook)

Nazir Razak, a renowned Malaysian banking executive and former chairman of CIMB Group, weds entrepreneur and cosmetic company founder Yati Zainuddin on November 17, 2023. Messages of congratulations poured in from all over the Internet as the wedding picture of the couple went viral.

Who is Nazir Razak?

Nazir Razak is a well-known Malaysian banking executive. He is a former chairman of CIMB Group, one of Malaysia and ASEAN’s largest financial service providers. Born in November 1966 in Kuala Lumpur, he is the youngest son of Malaysia’s second Prime Minister, Abdul Razak Hussein. He is also the brother of sixth Prime Minister Najib Razak.

He was educated at England’s prestigious institutions. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Politics from the University of Bristol, England. He graduated with a Master of Philosophy in Development Economics at Pembroke College, the University of Cambridge. He served as CEO of CIMB Group from 1999 to 2014.
He is also known for his advocacy for humanitarian works and for implicating his power to promote entrepreneurship and education. Recently, the Internet has been stormed with mixed reactions from online users as the picture of his second wedding with entrepreneur and cosmetic company founder Yati Zainuddin went viral.
People showed interest in learning more about his divorce from his first wife, Azlina Aziz.

Nazir Razak’s Divorce with First Wife Azlina

Nazir Razak was previously married to Azlina Aziz, daughter of Abdul Aziz Taha, a former governor of Bank Negara Malaysia. Together, they have two children, Arman and Marissa.

They decided to part ways in 2023 and finalized their divorce. Neither of them discussed the reason for their divorce, keeping their matters private. Despite belonging to powerful backgrounds and being at the center of the spotlight, they chose to navigate through their challenging time privately.

Azlina and Nazir remain committed to their children despite venturing in separate ways. The support and love for their children remains unaltered.
Wedding to Yati Zainuddin

Nazir Razak married entrepreneur and cosmetic company owner Yati Zainuddin on November 17, 2023. Their wedding picture broke the Internet as messages of congratulations for the new couple poured in. The netizens were left to wonder about his new wife and her age.
Yati Zainuddin is an entrepreneur who founded Bluemolly, a cosmetic brand that uses natural ingredients to create gentle and effective cosmetics suitable to all age groups.

She co-founded the business with her best friend, Sherry Kamaruddin, and sister, Shireen Zainuddin. Yati and her sister’s father is believed to be Malay, and her mother is of Chinese descent.

Amidst the well-wishes for the new couple, the age of Yati Zainuddin has become a topic of interest. Although no source is available for her exact age, multiple sources place her age in her 30s or early 40s.

We wish the happy couple good fortune for the rest of their lives. May they cherish their love for each other forever.


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