Neil Currey, 34, Passed Away: What Happened to the Bodybuilder and Coach?

Last Updated on September 12, 2023, 4:19 am

Bodybuilder’s community in shock after the sudden death of Neil Currey at 34.

Neil Currey Died
Neil Currey (Image via Facebook)

Classic Physique Bodybuilder and coach Neil Currey passed away at the young age of 34. Reports say that he committed suicide. He had been struggling with mental health issues for some time. After receiving the devastating news of his untimely demise, the Bodybuilder community is shocked.

Who was Neil Currey?

Neil Currey was a notable bodybuilder who had many accomplishments on his belt. His name was well-known in the bodybuilder community. He was known for his victories and respected for his kindness and respectful manner.

He was a Classic Physique bodybuilder and had participated in many competitions. He debuted in bodybuilding with the 2017 WBFF World Championship and ranked 5th. He competed in the Men’s Classic Physic category in Kuwait Pro (2019) and Yamamoto Pro Cup (2019), ranking 7th in both, and Europa Pro (2020), ranking 9th.

In 2021, he competed in Puerto Rican Pro, earning a 3rd position. In 2021, he participated in Xtreme Bodybuilding & Fitness Pro and Tampa Pro, ranked 7th and 2nd respectively. He scored third in the 2022 Pittsburg Pro and gained 1st position for the first and last time in the New York Pro. Afterward, he headed to his dream Olympia, where he ranked 16th.

Life is a journey full of ups and downs. It gives you hope and happiness and tests you with challenges and turmoil. It brings joy and despair into one’s life. It can be challenging sometimes to navigate life for everyone at one point or another. But it can be particularly hard if you also fight an invisible battle with the darkness within. The exhausting, never-ending fight with the demons of the mind can weigh you down.

What happened to Neil Currey?

He ended his life due to mental health issues. It is crucial to seek help from mental health professionals and refuge in trusted loved ones. A kind word from a loved one can heal a thousand wounds. But in the case of Neil Currey, maybe his wounds were too deep to heal by mere words. He lost his battle with darkness and ended his life to break free from what deeply troubled him.

Milo Sarcev, his former coach and friend, broke the news of his untimely demise on his social media post that said,

“Absolutely shocking, heartbreaking news – that my former athlete @neil_currey died today…taking his own life. 😔 My last/best memory of him was this smiling face after he won New York Pro and fulfilled his lifetime dream of qualifying for the Mr. Olympia. I am lost for words and filled with pain and sadness. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and loved ones. RIP Neil and God bless your soul.”

In today’s modern world, mental health issue is a growing concern. With the stress of today’s fast-track life, many are struggling with mental health issues. According to WHO(World Health Organisation), depression is one of the leading causes of disability. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. Approximately one in every five people in post-conflict settings has mental health issues.

We must remain vigilant about our mental health issues, seek professional help for mental health, medications, and therapy, and reach out to those who care for us. It is everyone’s job to look out for those struggling and lend a sympathetic ear to others when needed. A gesture of kindness and patient caring can go a long way in someone battling a never-ending battle invisible to the eye.


He had tremendous respect in the bodybuilder community. Shocked to learn about his death, they came forward with their support and respect for the deceased bodybuilder.

Dennis Wolf wrote,

“Very shocking…My deepest condolences to his family and friends 🙏 may he Rest In Peace”

Shawn Casey wrote,

“If you’re struggling with mental health, you’re not alone. Talk to a friend, family member, or professional therapist.

We are all on this journey together.”


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