Famous TikToker Nicolas Kratka’s Death Rumors: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Last Updated on September 22, 2023, 5:31 pm

Online rumors of the passing of well-known TikToker Nicolas Kratka  appeared on Thursday, September 21, 2023. Nick Kratka’s alleged death news spread in several reports, but it turned out that the rumors weren’t accurate; he is still alive and healthy.

Nicolas Kratka Pranked his Fake Death
Nicolas Kratka (Image via Facebook)

He faked his death before pulling a PR stunt, which raised the issue of his alleged demise. On his Facebook and Instagram feed, he recently released a video. On the other hand, the general people continued to be dubious of the news because any credible evidence had not yet supported these allegations.

According to the video posted by him on September 19, Nick was taking antiphrastic medication. Still, it didn’t seem to be working, and the worms eventually traveled to his eyes and brain, causing him to pass away. While having those worms, he stated in his video: “Hopefully, my next video is not from the comfort of a hospital bed.”

Nickolas’s friends announced his fake death news two days later through his Facebook and Instagram profiles. Still, the rumor lasted soon, and Nicholas accepted in a Video that he had pranked his unnatural death.

He then admitted that the entire thing was a PR prank, saying: “I’m currently editing this video, and it’s unquestionably the wildest publicity stunt I’ve ever done.” He concluded, “I have successfully faked my death.”

In social media, Nick Kratka is well-known for his captivating TikTok videos. He has a significant internet following and left a lasting mark in the digital world.

The revelation meets with a broad spectrum of feelings, from surprise to rage. This sudden and unexpected event left his considerable online fan base in shock and despair.

Nick’s boldness was praised by others, who saw it as a clever marketing gimmick that attracted millions of people; others found it deeply disturbing, arguing that it violated moral principles to use death for one’s gain.

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