VIDEO: South African mother Nthabiseng Nhlapo died by suicide

Last Updated on August 30, 2023, 8:51 pm

Nthabiseng Nhlapo, resident of MpumalangaDennilton, South Africa, died due to suicide. She became famous for a frightening video in which she kicked her son like an object.

Nthabiseng Nhlapo Died By Suicide
Nthabiseng Nhlapo (Source: Facebook)

According to media reports, Nthabiseng committed suicide after getting tremendous exposure on the internet as a result of a viral video clip.

In the following video, Nhlapo was seen hitting her son badly when the child was lying on the ground and being repeatedly kicked by the mother,

Which causes the infant to start crying; Nhlapo does all this to show her frustration and anger towards her husband.

About Viral Footage

The video went viral last week, and shows an emotional scene where a child is lying on the ground and repeatedly kicked by the mother, which causes the infant to start crying.

She might have felt the burden of guilt intolerable, especially after beating her little child. They might have some personal issues but kicking her child repeatedly while recording a video did not make it personal.

Moreover, the mother’s face is never shown in the film. On Twitter, angry viewers complained about Nthabiseng’s arrest on suspicion of child abuse.

And many of them have filed requests with law authorities to examine the footage and take the proper action carefully.

The incident has sparked conversations about how vital it is to handle disagreements maturely, especially when children are involved, and to refrain from using violence.

The video shocked and disturbed many people, wondering how a mother could be so cruel.

The video shocked and disturbed many people, wondering how a mother could be so cruel. The 13-second video has gained popularity on social media sites.

Also, rapper Gigi has offered to pay for any legal counsel willing to take the case, which is significant.

However, Nthabiseng may die of guilt or depression. Still, we must always remember that we should never let our anger or someone’s anger out on innocent children, whatever the situation.


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