Pastor Peter Doseck, Renowned Pastor and Founder of Peter Doseck Ministries Died Unexpectedly

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Pastor Peter Doseck, the founder of Peter Doseck Ministries, tragically passed away on October 12, 2023. Peter’s death cause is unknown yet, and no official statement regarding his death details has been found publicly, but as per reports, Pastor Peter Doseck died suddenly after a brief illness.

Peter Doseck Dead
Peter Doseck (Image via Facebook)

He might be suffering from health issues; Doseck shared a Facebook statement on August 23 in which he stated that his doctors prescribed him not to travel internationally and wrote:

“Welcome, colleagues and friends! I’m still working on a physical miracle with the help of my faith. For a season, my physicians have advised against my going abroad, and I’m doing as they’ve asked. I have witnessed countless miracles worldwide, so I am confident God will also do my gift. I am aware of Him as a God of miracles! I appreciate all of your prayers.

The prayers from people throughout the world are what brought me here. I adore learning about the ongoing efforts of our PDM team! For every trip, I’m hoping and praying with every one of you. Miracles and the winning of souls are still taking place. Please rejoice with me as I recover and my miracle approaches, and rejoice that my faithful boys are still performing massive services that reach millions of people around the globe! To the Souls, wrote Peter Doseck, a pastor.”

However, Peter Doseck Ministries released his death news through an official Facebook post and wrote in the statement:

“Pastor Peter Doseck completed his race and received his eternal reward. This morning, Pastor departed to be with Jesus. He was a devoted spouse, father, and grandfather. A preacher and evangelist whose influence was felt by millions of people worldwide. We grieve his death but celebrate his life. His legacy will be carried on by boys of faith who continue to win souls for the Kingdom of God. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.”

Thoughts and Condolences to his family and community. His demise left the void and the community with huge loss and grief; Doseck’s funeral details have not been announced yet.

About Pastor Peter Doseck

Peter Doseck is the founder and senior Pastor of Only Believe Ministries in Botkins, Ohio. Pastor Doseck unwaveringly conveys God’s Word, allowing the gospel to grow via miraculous demonstrations and miracles.

Above all, he is preoccupied with soul-winning. Since their humble beginnings in 1982, when the church building had dirt flooring, no power, and no running water, they have gone a long way. God has blessed the church, boosting attendance dramatically and allowing the congregation to impact locally, regionally, and globally.

Their church services have extended throughout Ohio, including Botkins, Kenton, Lima, Dublin, Urbana, and Dayton. Peter recognized God’s call on his life in 1981, and after much thinking, he left his job to pursue the ministry. He believed God had called him to be a pastor and teacher, so he began preparing for his future.

In March 1982, Peter and his wife Phyllis held their first church service in the living room of their small ranch house in Botkins, Ohio. Only one person arrived that day, and Only Believe Ministries Christian Center was born. Over the years, God has challenged them to extend their horizons and strengthen their faith.

They have zealously pursued His will for their family and church and will continue to do so. Peter was a well-known author whose miracles and soul-winning crusades have affected millions of people’s lives.

Peter Dosock’s Influence on Others

In addition to being a revered person and a brilliant visionary, Peter Doseck was more than just a pastor. He devoted more than 26 years of his life to evangelizing for Jesus Christ, a message that touched the hearts and minds of countless people. His presence gave people hope and inspiration.

He was a pure soul, and many people’s lives have been forever changed by his accomplishments as the founder and senior Pastor of Only Believe Ministries in Botkins, Ohio. Pastor Doseck’s life is characterized by his dedication to his faith and significant influence on his church and the broader community.

The influence of Peter Doseck extended beyond a single region of the globe. He reached out to people worldwide through his Dynamic Miracle Crusades, providing hope and healing to those suffering.

His efforts saved more than 1.6 million people, giving those who sought it hope and spiritual direction. Prayers for the pure soul, Peter, will always be cherished by his loved ones. Blessings for his afterlife; Rest in Peace, Peter Doseck.



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