Richard Henderson a WBFF Bodybuilder Died

Last Updated on September 2, 2023, 9:51 am

A renowned WBFF bodybuilder, Richard Henderson, passed away unexpectedly in August 2023 while attending a WBFF event.

Richard Henderson Died
Richard Henderson (Image via Instagram/@richjhende)

Henderson had collapsed during the event and needed CPR at the WBFF backstage; other competitors tried to revive him, but he died on the spot. In the meantime, other competitors who had been traumatized were forced to take the stage.

Although the cause of death has not been officially determined, as per resources, Rich Henderson reportedly had various health difficulties before his demise.

His death news was announced on August 14, 2023, through Facebook. Alexa Hessa Wbff Pro released a statement about Henderson’s death:

“This week, I won’t say anything and won’t take calls. We unintentionally lost a great friend, fellow athlete, and God-fearing man on Friday night. I was with him when it happened, so I’m grieving and trying to process it.

Right now, getting him home safely is our first priority. If you are moved to lend a hand, any donation would be greatly appreciated.”

On social media, there is a discussion where users harshly opposed the WBFF’s actions at the ceremony where Henderson passed away. One of the contestants in the transformation line volunteered to perform CPR after Rich Henderson collapsed.

According to an eyewitness on social media, the contestant was called on stage to perform first while performing CPR. He ignored Rich Henderson because of the WBFF staff’s attitude, and no paramedics were at the scene.

It is necessary to have an emergency service or a paramedic at the athletic event if people are taking performance-enhancing substances, severely dehydrating themselves.

Deena Carvajal created a GoFundMe page to help Henderson’s family and children in this challenging time. She organized the campaign on behalf of Matthew Henderson, and the page had a $25,000 objective; luckily, $26,188 was raised. You can also donate directly here.

“I’m Deena Carvajal, and I’m here to help Richard Henderson’s family gather money to bring him home and cover some of the expenses associated with his sad death. Rich unexpectedly went away last night. Everyone is caught off guard, and those who know and love him are shocked.

We all recall the loss of Paige, Rich and Elizabeth’s daughter, three years ago. As if this tragedy wasn’t enough, we also mourn Rich’s passing. By creating this GoFundMe page, I am supporting the family. Matthew, one of Rich’s sons, will receive any funds raised through this page.”

Condolences and sympathies to Henderson’s family in this trying time; his obituary details have not been disclosed publicly—prayers for him. Rest in Peace, Richard Henderson.

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