A sad Farewell to Heart FM’s Roi Simpson, who has passed away

Last Updated on December 28, 2023, 7:29 am

Heart FM is at a loss because of the death of News Editor Roi Simpson. FM radio station has been processing this loss since they were informed of the death of their esteemed and beloved news editor, Roi Simpson.

Roi Simpson Dead
Roi Simpson (Image via WePublish)

Roi departed on 27th December 2023, leaving emptiness in the hearts of colleagues and listeners. The radio icon passed away at the age of 51, leaving an impact on Cape Town Media.

What happened to Roi Simpson?

According to the reports, the cause of Roi Simpson’s death has not been officially disclosed by any official means. The exact circumstances that surround his death remain a private matter at this time. Because the family has also requested it in the meantime, we shall respect the wishes of the family and close ones.

According to some reports, Roi had been hospitalized for an asthma attack for almost two weeks, and after that, he unexpectedly went into a coma. Still, let’s wait for the official confirmation. News of Roi Simpson’s demise was shared by Venecia America Valentine and Quinton Quinnycoolsa Petersen through very emotional, heartfelt messages on social media. Venecia America Valentine stated that

“A legend lost. RIP Roi. The golden voice of HeartFM radio silenced. No matter how bad the news, Roi always made it sound lekker and dived into various current affairs topics with so much grace.”

On the other hand, the details about the funeral arrangements or memorial service for Roi Simpson are yet to be announced by the family. The radio community and Roi’s fans are eagerly waiting for further information regarding the date, time, and location of the farewell ceremony to bid their last goodbye to him.

Life of Dear Roi Simpson

Roi Simpson was quite well-known and well-recognized by the community. This beloved news guy was said to have the golden voice at Heart FM. His career was terrific; throughout it, his focus was on serving the FM field. He has made a large number of contributions to the FM field. The guy had a fantastic skill of an excellent and engaging approach to news reporting.

He always had something new to provide his audience. But now his death has left this indelible impact on his colleagues and, of course, his active listeners. Colleagues recall their memories with him. He recalled how much unique talent he had and his talented contribution to the radio industry.

He consistently reported the news in an impressive style, which was different from his previous reporting; he used to report the important turns of events in Cape Town. His career at Heart FM was quite prominent; he was recognized as a dedicated professional after that post. He used to come on air almost every weekday at noon time. Roi basically was too much into community affairs and the fact that he studied at the Broadcasting Development Academy.

Roi had a lot of experience, and this was the reason that he stood out among his colleagues. The internet right now is flooded with the tributes and condolences that his fans are sharing.

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