Roy Richter, Deputy Inspector of NYPD, Alive or Dead?

Last Updated on October 4, 2023, 11:03 am

Online rumors about Roy Richter‘s suicide have been going around; Richter, a Senior Executive with a solutions-oriented mindset, a business consultant, and a lawyer with 33 years of progressive leadership in finance.

Roy Richter Died
Roy Richter (Image via Facebook)

Rumors have been reported on the internet about his demise. However, there are no verified reports to back them up. According to the tvabtc report, Richter is still Alive and Well.

Friends and family are curious about the veracity of the widely circulated claim since the phrase “Attorney Roy Richter NYPD Suicide” is trending on the internet. Still, no further details regarding these rumors and his life statement have shown that Roy Richter, a lifelong resident of New York City, has died.

About Roy Richter

The New York City Police Department‘s Deputy Inspector Roy T. Richter recently retired after 33 years of service. He spent the last 12 years in that position. The NYPD Captains Endowment Association is the group that speaks for the 750 top uniformed commanders in the NYPD, from Captain to Deputy Chief.

He has worked in assignments spanning the patrol, investigative, and legal affairs departments of the Police Department over the past three decades. He has contributed to putting many of the NYPD’s practical ideas into practice.

He has successfully negotiated multi-year collective bargaining agreements, improved pension benefits, advanced legislation that benefited his members’ interests, expanded access to health insurance, and significantly increased the sustainability of the New York City retirement system as a labor leader. Roy is an expert in tax, estate, and labor planning.


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