Ryan Beesley, the Fox 5 Meteorologist Left Fox 5 Atlanta, Why?

Last Updated on October 31, 2023, 2:43 am

Why is Ryan Beesley leaving Fox 5? Know the inside story!

Ryan Beesley
Ryan Beesley (Image via Facebook)

Ryan Beesley, a well-known meteorologist who had been working for Fox 5 for seven years, has exited the channel. He started working for the channel in 2017 and has been associated with Good Day Atlanta ever since. He announced his departure from the show on October 21, 2023.

Who is Ryan Beesley?

Ryan Beesley gained significant popularity after becoming Good Day Atlanta’s resident meteorologist. Before joining Fox 5 News, he had served for two years at WATE-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee, as a weekend meteorologist.

Ryan Beesley is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Roswell High School in 2008. He earned his degree in meteorology from the University of Alabama in 2012, where he was honored as the top forecaster.

His first appearance on-air was at WLOX in Biloxi, Mississippi, then at WALB in Albany, Georgia. He joined Fox 5 Storm Team in March 2017 and appeared on the weekend morning edition of Good Day Atlanta, Good Day Atlanta at 10 a.m. on weekdays, and Fox 5 News at noon.

Did Ryan Beesley leave Fox 5?

Ryan Beesley announced on October 21, 2023, on Good Day Atlanta, that he would be leaving the show for good.

“I am leaving,” he said, “My last day is next Sunday.”

“This has been the best six and a half years of my career. It has been an absolute dream come true for me.”

“And I really think, thanks to your (Kaitlyn Pratt) help, I live not only up to those expectations, but I exceeded those expectations with you.”

He did not discuss the reason why he is leaving the show but shared with fans on his Facebook page that he intended to explore a new career. To elaborate more on the situation, he said,

“Some of you have guessed that I’m switching channels, that is not true. I am leaving TV and beginning a new career.”

Why did Ryan Beesley leave Fox 5?

Ryan Beesley’s sudden departure from Fox 5 has initiated speculations from the fans and followers. While it remains unclear why Ryan Beesley left his longtime job, some fans think it had something to do with his health.  On his last day as a meteorologist on Good Day Atlanta, he suggested that he desired to settle down.

“I don’t know if I will return to the business or not one day, but for now, I need to put my family and health first. Thank you for an amazing six and half years! Much love, Beesley,” he said.

What solidifies this speculation is that in June 2023, he had a short recess from the show and announced on social media that he would remain away for a few months. The post read,

“I just had surgery and will be back in August. Thank you to my wife for being by my side the entire time. Now, we are home resting and my dog won’t leave my side,” he wrote on social media, “We did not have another baby, but my recovery is going great!”

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