Sammy Manese, a Filipino Content Creator, Passed Away, What Happened to Him?

Last Updated on November 29, 2023, 5:24 am

Influencer Yoo Naa mourns her bestfriend, YouTuber and TikToker, Sammy Manese.

Sammy Manese Dead
Sammy Manese (Image via Facebook)

Sammy Manese, a Filipino YouTube content creator and TikTok star, passed away on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, leaving friends and family profoundly aggrieved and the community grappling with disbelief and sadness. His sister, Bea Manese, confirmed the sad news in a post on Facebook that said,

“It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce the untimely demise of our beloved family member, Sammy Manese,” she wrote, “May he be remembered for all the joy and laughter he shared with everyone. We ask for your prayers, respect, and privacy during this time.”

What happened to Sammy Manese?

Sammy Manese’s life was plagued with challenges. He was born with dwarfism syndrome, which is a genetic condition that affects bone growth, resulting in shorter-than-normal skeleton growth. Other than short height, it also causes other medical complications.

Sammy was not immune to these challenges. He suffered from cardiac health issues since childhood. His medical condition left him relying on an oxygen mask to manage the cardiovascular complications he faced throughout his life.

Images of him in a hospital setting, wearing an oxygen mask, depict his struggles with his health issues. It also serves as a testament to the determination and bravery in which he faced these challenges. It is believed that these health issues caused his untimely demise. He fought fiercely for his life, but he lost the battle and passed away.

Who was Sammy Manese?

Sammy Manese was a Filipino content creator and TikTok star. He was born in Manila, Philippines, in 2008. He became active on social media in 2018 at the age of ten. He soon garnered widespread appreciation for his humorous content consisting of skits, comedy sketches, and viral challenges.
Soon, he amassed a large following across different social media platforms. He had 1.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and nearly 300,000 followers on TikTok. Most of his videos have received over one million views. He was also followed by 77K people on Facebook.

The community mourns Sammy Manese

Sammy Manese was a beloved influencer with millions of admirers. He won everyone’s heart with his creative content and his charming persona. He was also widely admired for his determination and perseverance in adversity. His untimely death has robbed the world of a beautiful human being well before his time, leaving the community in a state of profound mourning. They have left hundreds of messages for his family, expressing their grief, offering condolences and showing overwhelming support for the family. Among the grievers, influencer Yoo Na also expressed her loss over the death of her beloved friend. She paid tribute to the late TikTok star in a heartfelt post that read,

“As long as I live, I miss you right away. I love you so much, Sammy Manese make up-an mona ulit ako be. I miss you so much, your naughtiness. I love you.



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