NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Driver Scott Palmer Injured in An Accident

Last Updated on August 21, 2023, 11:52 am

Scott Palmer is renowned for his unwavering tenacity and courage. Scott Palmer, a well-known racer and NHRA Top Fuel Dragster driver sustained injuries on Saturday, August 19, 2023, after an incident at Mid America Dragway.

Scott Palmer Died
Scott Palmer (Source: Facebook)

Palmer’s wrist has broken, and his hand is injured too, for which he got some stitches, but he is safe and stable now and will be fine soon.

His accident news went viral through the official Facebook page of Scott Palmer Racing on Sunday, August 19, 2023, which stated:

“Our fearless leader Scott went for a wild ride in the Studezilla Top Fuel Pro Mod last night. Thankfully he is alert and talking! He has a broken wrist and some stitches in his hand and is pretty banged up.

Thank you to everyone who has called and checked on Scott, Chrystal, and the team! Any prayers, thoughts and love you can send their way is greatly appreciated!

Many of his friends and fellow racers and sending prayers for his recovery through social media. Prayers for Palmer’s speedy recovery, Get well Soon, Scott Palmer.

One of his fellow racers and friend Jr Sandlian wrote on Facebook:

Scott Palmer and I was match racing tonight and he hit the right wall. Then the left then barrel rolled like 6-8 times.. just talked to him for 30 minutes, Has a broken wrist and 2 black eyes…..car is wasted…but my brother is going to be fine.”

About Scott Palmer:

Scott Palmer is a well-known racer and NHRA Top Fuel Dragster driver, renowned for his unwavering commitment and courage both on and off the racetrack.

His daring behind the wheel is evident as a professional race car driver as he comfortably navigates sharp turns and races down straightaways with unmatched precision.

Palmer is known for facing challenges head-on and never backing down from adversity, and this bold approach to racing reflects his courageous approach to life.

As per resources like SNBC, Scott Palmer has long desired creation with his race car driver skill.

It is well known that he is heavily involved with the technical aspects of his race car and is constantly seeking new strategies to boost the vehicle’s performance and increase its top speed.

His commitment to innovation exemplifies his commitment to perfection and positions him to be a driving force in the development of the sport as a whole.

Even though Palmer is a well-known racer, he has maintained a pleasant and unassuming personality.

He takes the time to communicate with fans, discuss the highs and lows of his racing career, and even advise those interested in racing. He is a pleasant and talented racer.

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