S’Dot, a famous YouTuber from channel ‘Holly and Sdot,’ Has died

Last Updated on December 16, 2023, 7:36 am

Cardi B mourns the digital content creator S’Dot, who passed away due to complications during heart surgery.

S'Dot Dead
S’Dot (Image via Facebook)

S’Dot , a popular YouTube content creator, passed away due to complications after an open heart surgery. The famous YouTuber’s longtime partner and mother of his children, Holly, announced the sad news on September 8, 2022, on social media.

What happened to S’Dot?

S’Dot passed away on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, while recovering at home from an open heart surgery. He was born with Marfan Syndrome, a condition that affects the aorta. The aorta is the major blood vessel in the heart.

The couple announced on August 16, 2022, that he was required to have two back-to-back heart surgeries for his condition. In an emotional video, he explained that he was born with the disease, and now he had to undergo two surgeries. He bravely kept his composure and smiled during the video as he explained his situation, while Holly got emotional. He asked everyone to continue supporting Holly if anything happened to him.

Unfortunately, he suffered a medical emergency after his open heart surgery and passed away. His partner, Holly, took to Instagram to share the devastating news that her boyfriend passed away following a heart complication. She shared a picture of her boyfriend on her Instagram story and wrote: “Long Live The Kind.” She added, “Sdot made his transition. I’m so hurt, but I know he’s watching over us.”

Who was S’Dot?

S’Dot was a famous YouTuber who made engaging and funny YouTube videos alongside his longtime partner Holly on the “Holly and Sdot” channel. The duo created funny and relatable videos containing humorous reviews and much more.

They had over 500K subscribers on YouTube. Everyone loved them and their positive energy and their charming chemistry. They spend every waking moment together. They had three children.

S’Dot was a loyal partner and a devoted father. He loved his family. His family meant the world to him. He cared deeply for his life partner, Holly, and appealed to everyone in an emotional video on their YouTube Channel to look after Holly if anything happened to him.

The Community Mourns S’Dot

The community came together to support heartbroken Holly during the incredibly challenging time. They offered overwhelming support and showered her with prayers. Among the mourners was celebrity Cardi B, who posted his picture on social media and wrote, “RIP S’Dot.”

A GoFundMe page has been organized

A GoFundMe page has been organized to help Holly raise their children, ages 15, 6, and 3. The donations will provide financial support for his family. “Please help us to continue to support his family, care for them, and prepare them for college.”

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