Serenity Hawley, Shot To Death By Her Ex Boyfriend, Two Found dead at Blacksburg High School

Last Updated on November 8, 2023, 3:42 pm

Serenity Hawley’s former boyfriend and student at Blacksburg High School committed murder and suicide in Blacksburg, Virginia. She was a resident of Blacksburg, Virginia.

Serenity Hawley Dead
Serenity Hawley (Image via Facebook)

The teenage daughter of former AFLAC member John Hawley has been named as the victim of the domestic violence that occurred in Blacksburg, Virginia, on Tuesday, October 7, 2023. Her ex-boyfriend, who unfortunately died later, shot Serenity Hawley.

Ken Towler released her death cause through a Facebook post, which stated: “Thoughts and prayers go out to my friend and old AFLAC comrade John Hawley, whose teen daughter Serenity Hawley of Blacksburg was killed by her ex-boyfriend. No more information is available at this time.”

About The Incident

Law enforcement organizations have reported that a deadly shooting incident occurred, BPD stated they responded to a complaint of a suspicious car in the parking garage at 723 University City Blvd. on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023. The two individuals are known to be students at Blacksburg High School.

Sources claim that Serenity Hawley and her ex-boyfriend were found dead in a parking garage. When cops got to the site, they discovered two dead occupants in the car. The next day, the police department stated they had been recognized as Blacksburg High School pupils. A weapon was also discovered with the students, according to police.


When authorities found out, the child had shot Serenity once before turning the pistol on himself. He killed himself at the site by self-inflicting a gunshot wound. At this point, the incident is being investigated as a potential murder-suicide.

Heather Hawley released her death news through a Facebook post with a statement:

“This morning, I, including many others, awoke with a sad heart. Her final prom. Her final night out with the girls. Her last vision of the future. Her last school bus journey. Her previous best pal. Her final chuckle. Her final embrace. Her final dance. Who thought it would all come to this?

All because of marital violence, which is entirely unnecessary. Serenity, we shall miss you, Hawley! You were cherished and left a lasting legacy. I’m sorry your time on Earth was brief. Your existence in eternity is just that: everlasting. Baby daughter, spread your wings! We hope to see you soon.”

It has been established that Blacksburg High School is home to both minors. The Town of Blacksburg and the Blacksburg Police Department are working with Montgomery County Public Schools to ensure that any services needed by staff or students are accessible.

However, Hawley was cherished by her loved ones; her legacy will always endure, and she will be remembered in the hearts of her loved ones. Thoughts and Condolences go out to her family and close companions. Prayers for him; Rest in Peace, Serenity Hawley.


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