Shiva Singam, a Renowned Fashion Icon Died of Illness at 50

Last Updated on October 9, 2023, 9:39 am

Renowned fashion icon Shiva Singam died on Saturday due to health complications, leaving the fashion world in mourning. Singam, who was 50 years old at his death, was widely recognized for his contributions to the fashion industry.

Shiva Singam Dead
Shiva Singam (Image via Facebook)

As the head of partnerships for the Melbourne Fashion Festival, Shiva played a pivotal role in shaping the festival’s success. His sudden demise has left the community shocked and grieving.

Shiva’s sister, Janee, shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram, along with a heartfelt tribute: “We regret to inform you of the untimely departure of Shiva, our son, brother, uncle, cousin, and beloved friend. The community was in shock and disbelief when he suddenly passed away while serving as the head of partnerships for the Melbourne Fashion Festival. He was a well-known fashionista.”

Known for his charismatic, cheerful, clever, and considerate personality, Shiva profoundly impacted countless individuals in the fashion industry and beyond.

Shawn Mendis also confirmed his death news on Monday, October 9, 2023, through a Facebook post which stated:

“The news of the demise of my good friend, mentor, and Melbourne fashion icon has left me feeling incredibly sad. His sense of fashion, commitment to the Melbourne Fashion Festival, and enthusiasm for coaching up-and-coming designers left a lasting impression. Conversations about fashion, law, and life late at night will always be valued. He was a truly amazing person, full of affection and devotion. Peace be with you, darling #shivasingam.”

Thoughts and Condolences to the family and close companions. His funeral and burial services have not been announced yet.

Shiva Singam, a late businessman, had an enormous following of friends who admired his generosity, great heart, humor, and excellent sense of style. His charismatic personality and giving attitude touched the lives of many people.

Shiva was consistently immaculately attired as a well-known socialite, earning him the enigmatic moniker “Count Shiva.” Further details regarding the cause of his death have not been disclosed.


Social media has been flooded with tributes and condolences following Shiva’s passing. Some of these tributes include:

Melbourne Fashion Festival wrote on Facebook:

“I must inform you with a broken heart of the passing of our remarkable and exceptional Head of Partnerships, Shiva Singam. There are no words to describe the legacy and energy he has left behind. He has served as the Melbourne Fashion Festival’s heart, soul, and vitality for many years.

However, in the past 18 months, he has made an incredible contribution to the festival’s recovery from the pandemic. Shiva’s commitment, imagination, goodness, intuition, and limitless energy will be irreplaceable and always missed. We sincerely love his family, friends, coworkers, and other contacts since he made our lives more beautiful and bright. The CEO, Caroline (Ralph) Ralphsmith.”

KATE BOLLARD stated in her Facebook post that:

“I was shocked and saddened to learn about Shiva, @count Shiva, a man full of love to share with everyone he encountered. I still recall the first Cup Day breakfast in 2010 when I didn’t know anyone in Melbourne yet. You were stunning and had such style. It’s how I’ll always think of you.

Over the years, we have had a lot of laughs, hugs, and gossip sessions. You gave me my first Indian dress and instructed me on how to wear it. Something that is now useful.”

His loved ones will dearly miss Singham. Prayers for him; may he get peace hereafter. Rest in Peace, Shiva Singham.


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