Silk Boss Missing: Popular Dancehall Jamaican Artist Has Reported Missing

Last Updated on December 7, 2023, 8:13 am

Silk Boss, a famous dancehall artist, rapper, and YouTuber,  Gone Missing

Silk Boss Missing
Silk Boss (Image via Facebook)

Silk Boss, a popular Jamaican dancehall artist, rapper, and YouTuber, has been reported missing. The news of the young artist’s missing status has created a massive buzz online. Concerned fans and followers have shared the news in hopes of learning its truth, resulting in the news going viral.

Who is Silk Boss?

Rohan Reid, known as Silk Boss, was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on December 11, 2001. He is a hardcore Jamaican artist, rapper, and media personality. He is from The Parish of St. James. He is the leader of the Ice Nation Group.

He faced his fair share of challenges growing up. He incorporates his life experiences and impacts into his music, resulting in songs often considered controversial, motivational, and relatable. His popular songs include Stay to Myself, Life Story, and Nah Leave.

What happened to Silk Boss?

Silk Boss, a rising star in the dancehall music world, has been reported missing since December 3, 2023. A concerned fan shared the distressing news of his disappearance with the handle @JayyProgress. The video has since garnered widespread attention concerning fans for Silk Boss’s well-being.

According to reports, Silk Boss was last seen on December 2, 2023, leaving a recording studio in Kingston, Jamaica. He was expected to meet a friend for dinner later that night but never showed. His family and friends attempted to reach him on his phone, but they couldn’t. They reported him missing the next day.

Since then, no confirmed reports of Silk Boss’s whereabouts have been confirmed. The Police have launched a thorough search to locate him. The Police have not released any information regarding the case at the moment.

His disappearance has sparked an online discussion. Some fans have speculated that Silk Boss has been a victim of foul play, while others stated that he might have gone into hiding for personal reasons. There is currently no concrete evidence to support either theory.

We sincerely hope that wherever Silk Boss is, he returns safely to his distressed family. We urge everyone to refrain from spreading and sharing unconfirmed reports. Our prayers are with the devastated family at this time of immense distress. We sympathize with the concerned family and fans and hope that Silk Boss is safe and returns home safely and continues to dazzle everyone with his unparalleled musical talents.


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