Sixto Rodriguez’s Net Worth at the Time of His Death

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Sixto Rodriguez, a renowned musician from Detroit who gained worldwide recognition as the star of the Oscar-winning documentary “Searching for Sugar Man,” passed away on August 8, 2023, at the age of 81.

Sixto Rodriguez Net Worth
OTTAWA, ON – SEPTEMBER 17: Sixto Rodriguez performs on day 5 of the CityFolk Festival at The Great Lawn at Lansdowne Park on September 17, 2017 in Ottawa, Canada. (Photo by Mark Horton/WireImage)

He had been ill for the past few months, and his health had weakened. Rodriguez died due to natural causes.

Regan, his daughter, announced his death on social media and his official website. He divorced his second wife, Konny Koskos, and left three daughters behind: Eva, Sandra, and Regan.

He frequently brought his family on trips because they were deeply involved in his career. His funeral and burial arrangements have not been made public.

Rodriguez’s sudden death deeply saddened his family, friends and the music industry. Our deepest condolences are extended to his family, daughters and close companions.

Sixto Rodriguez’s Net Worth

Rodriguez is a well-known music legend in the history of Michigan Music. He gained much fame and respect throughout his career. The estimated net worth of Sixto Rodriguez in 2023 is around $5 Million.

Singing and music composing was his main source of income. As a musician, he also performed in live shows and music streams, his extra income source.

Rodriguez earns these big bucks through his music and singing career and contributes to his wealth. He earned a lot of money, lived a luxurious life, and secured his daughters’ future before death.

Sixto Rodriguez Biography

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez was born on July 10, 1942, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He was the sixth kid of their parents.

Rodriguez’s father emigrated to the United States in the 1920s, and his parents were Mexicans.

Sixto graduated with a Bachelor of Philosophy from Wayne State University’s Monteith College in 1981.

He has been interested in singing and music since he followed his passion from a young age and started performing locally.

Rodriguez began his career in the United States with minimal fanfare’, and went on to find success in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Sixto soon gained attention, and his music was hugely popular and influential in South Africa, where he is thought to have sold more records than Elvis Presley and other southern African nations without his knowledge for many years.

Sixto Rodriguez Career

Sixto recorded the single “I’ll Slip Away” in 1967 on the tiny Impact label under the “Rod Riguez” (a bestowed upon him by his record company).

Before signing with Sussex Records, a division of Buddah Records, he went three years without making another recording.

After then, he went by his preferred business name, “Rodriguez”. He collaborated with Sussex on two albums: Cold Fact from 1970 and Coming from Reality from 1971.

Rodriguez gained little success through these albums in the United States, and Sussex, which had already shut down in 1975, immediately abandoned him.

He was making a third album when he was fired, but it was never made public.

Rodriguez ended his musical career and bought a run-down government auction Detroit home for $50 in 1976, and as of 2013, he was still residing there.

Rodriguez always made a meagre living working on production lines and doing the demolition. He continued to be politically engaged and driven to better the lives of the city’s working-class citizens.

He subsequently ran for public office numerous times, including for the mayor of Detroit in 1981 and 1993, Detroit City Council in 1989, and Michigan House of Representatives in 2000.

The documentary Searching for Sugar Man, directed by Swedish filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul, had its world premiere in 2012 at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film follows two South African admirers as they try to determine whether the musician’s supposed death is real and, if not, what happened to him.

The documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” from 2012 chronicled the folk musician’s almost incredible rise from obscurity to fame on a global scale, which he attained decades after he had made two recordings in Detroit in the early 1970s.

Although Sixto Rodriguez had a great professional life, he sang several solo and playback songs and released over ten hit albums.

Rodriguez gained fame and success across the United States and overseas. He is one of the best legendary musicians in the music industry.

He will always be remembered in history as one of the most memorable singers.

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