Sy Becker, a Veteran Broadcaster and Journalist; Died of Illness at 87

Last Updated on October 7, 2023, 2:11 pm

(Springfield, MA)Sy Becker, a legendary broadcaster and 22 News journalist with a remarkable 60-year career in Western Massachusetts passed away on Saturday, October 7, 2023, in Springfield. He succumbed to a brief illness at the age of 87.

Sy Becker Dead
Sy Becker (Image via Facebook)

He was known for his boundless energy, unmistakable voice, and iconic “Look at the Movies” reviews, Sy Becker’s legacy in the field of journalism is irreplaceable. His passing was announced by 22News through their official website, marking a solemn moment for the local news community.

Chris Pisano, a prominent figure in local news, also confirmed Sy Becker’s passing with a heartfelt Facebook post:

“The local news hero, Sy Becker, is no longer with us. Following a short illness, Sy Becker has left us. Growing up watching Sy, I will forever cherish my first encounter with him and our countless interactions over the years. He possessed a unique personality larger than life, just as you saw him on television.

Sy Becker’s illustrious broadcasting career spanned 60 years, encompassing radio, television, and the internet. Born in the Brooklyn borough in 1936, he honed his craft at the School of Radio and Television and the City College of New York.

His journey in radio commenced at stations in Chicopee, Asheville, North Carolina, and Dover, Delaware, before he spent a remarkable 14 years as the news director and an award-winning reporter at WSPR-AM in Springfield. However, Sy Becker’s ascent to stardom began in the television industry.”

Becker’s funeral arrangements and burial details have yet to be released, and the news community, along with his family and friends, mourns his loss.Sympathies and Condolences to his family and close companions.

About Sy Becker

Sy Becker was born in Brooklyn in 1936 and embarked on his broadcasting career in radio. He worked at various stations in Chicopee, Asheville, North Carolina, and Dover, Delaware, before making his mark with 14 years of dedicated service as the news director and a respected reporter at WSPR-AM in Springfield.

He joined 22News in 1979, became a versatile reporter handling general assignments, and made a name for himself as a local theater and film critic. His distinctive voice and delivery style made him an enduring figure in Western Massachusetts.

Sy Becker was not just a broadcaster but a star featured in memorable 22News advertisements. He even made a transformational visit to Hollywood, returning as a changed man. Additionally, he served as our in-house expert on boxing, covering matches featuring legends from Joe Louis to Tyson Fury.

He was an active participant in community events, whether it was leading parades, hosting the East Longmeadow Concert Series, or presiding over the Red Cross Hometown Heroes Celebration.

In 2009, Sy initiated the well-known “Becker Bike Challenge” as part of our Toys for Tots initiative. However, he will forever be remembered for his passion for films. Sy Becker estimated that he watched nearly 9,000 films during his lifetime, consistently rating them using the Becker star system and concluding with his signature style.

After a long and illustrious career, he retired in the spring, leaving an indelible mark on his friends at 22News and his countless fans in Western Massachusetts.

His loved ones deeply cherished Becker, and his legacy will endure for upcoming generations. His unwavering passion for his profession and the news industry was genuinely remarkable. As we bid farewell, our thoughts and prayers go out to him. Rest in Peace, Sy Becker.


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