A Young Basketball Player Tatyanna Bailey, Died of Cancer

Tatyanna Bailey, a basketball player for Hendrickson, passed away after struggling with cancer. On Friday, at the age of 17, she was declared deceased. Bailey bravely returned to the floor following brain surgery in December.

Tatyanna Bailey Died
Tatyanna Bailey (Source: Facebook)

She was battling with brain tumor and was receiving radiation therapy at the same time, with chemotherapy scheduled for mid-February. Unfortunately, she died after struggling with the disease.

Six weeks after her operation, Bailey made a spectacular comeback to the court, stealing the show. Bailey showed a promising route to recovery by scoring an outstanding 12 points in her comeback game versus Bastrop.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and teammates during this trying time. Prayers for Bailey’s afterlife. RIP.

Tatyanna Bailey was a brave basketball player from Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas.

She garnered media attention when Bailey joined her colleagues again about six weeks following surgery.

The American-Statesman published an article about Bailey’s travels in early February, bringing attention to her story.

At the annual Gannett Austin Area High School Sports Awards ceremony held at the Long Center in June, the newspaper recognized her exceptional bravery with the Courage Award.

Due to a leg injury, Bailey’s prior season had to start on the sidelines. On December 6, nevertheless, things turned for the worst as recurrent headaches necessitated in MRI.

They exposed a softball-sized malignant tumor that was embedded in her brain. Surgical removal of 95% of the tumor was completed the next day.

Bailey’s teammates rallied around her, thrilled to see her back on the basketball floor. She took on the challenge head-on with the help of her mother, Latraica Spencer-Bailey, the assistant coach at Hendrickson, and Sierra.

Throughout her medical ordeal, she spent a lot of time with Brigid Milching, the team’s athletic trainer, and they developed a close relationship.

It was discovered that the tumor had exacerbated a condition known as “drop foot,” which hurt her ability to elevate the front of her foot.

On January 27, as Bailey entered the court for the first time since surgery, the Hendrickson audience erupted into a thunderous standing ovation.

A remarkable 3-pointer she made to cap off her triumphant comeback brought shouts from her teammates and a tearful group hug during the following timeout.

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