Chicago Rapper VonMar’s Death: How Did Delvon Irving Die?

Last Updated on October 18, 2023, 9:29 am

The world of rappers and comedy is mourning the sudden death of renowned Internet celebrity Delvon Irving, also known as Put’ Em in a Coffin. The end of the famous prankster leaves the community in deep grief and concern regarding his sudden death.

VonMar Dead
VonMar (Image via Facebook)

Cause of death

Delvon Irving was a profound internet sensation. He died due to sudden health complications. The officials have not disclosed the circumstances and further details regarding the death of Irving Delvon. We will soon share the information when it is available.

Who was Delvon Irving? 

He was a 33-year-old, most cherished, and multi-talented individual hailing from New York and the vibrant city of Chicago, but he became famous in a windy city and influenced the world. His energetic and creative talent had a positive influence on the people.

He was a member of the local rap crew. His fans called him VonMar Thotboyz. He shared various audacious pranks from his social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Vine. He had a million views on his every prank video. His recent daring stunt has been witnessed worldwide with around 2.2 million views.

People know him for the fearless action he showed in his prank videos, such as raiding a seven eleven on the Gold Coast on New Year’s Day and fearlessly slapping a man’s buttock while walking nearby, jumping on beachgoers when they were napping, skipping the cab fare and smoking a joint in a subway.

Not only did he have a talent for doing pranks, but he was a fantastic rapper whose music touched many people. He was famed worldwide for the “Put’ Em in a Coffin” hoax video that combined rap with the coffin. He has been recognized for his achievements, such as his work with the Thotboyz rap group and the songs Aw Shyt” and “That’s Me. 

Delvon’s God-given humor and legacy as a dedicated rapper, talented prankster, and sincere friend will be forever lived with his fans and the entire community. The outpouring on social media on his sudden demise indicates the gem of a person he was throughout his life.

Obituary and funeral

Obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared soon by the family.


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