William ‘Bird’ Hines Death: Senior Head Hunters Member Died After Battling Illness

Last Updated on November 23, 2023, 3:31 am

Largest gang funeral in New Zealand History expected following the death of OG Head.

William ‘Bird’ Hines Dead
William ‘Bird’ Hines (Image via Facebook)

Hunter William ‘Bird’ Hines

William Bird Hines, a senior member of the Head Hunters motorcycle club in New Zealand, died after years of ill health on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. He was known for being notorious in New Zealand’s criminal underworld.

Who was William Bird Hines?

William Bird Hines was a high-ranking member of a criminal organization known as Head Hunters Motorcycle Club in New Zealand. His illegal activities date back to 1989, including kidnapping and conspiracy to supply methamphetamine. He was notoriously influential in the Head Hunters’ club and New Zealand’s criminal underworld. He led the gang with his impactful decisions and strategies. He was well-respected as well as feared in the landscape of the underworld.

Hines, along with six other Head Hunter members, was jailed for running a methamphetamine syndicate. Hines was sentenced to 18 years by the High Court in Auckland for his involvement in the ‘large-scale’ production and distribution of meth. Other members received 16, 18, and 6 years of jail time. Hines was released from jail on compassionate grounds due to his deteriorating health condition.

What happened to William Bird Hines?

The details of his death have not been made public. He had been suffering from ill health for years. One of his close friends disclosed on social media that he was having dialysis, and his heart stopped.

His death marks the end of an era in New Zealand’s criminal underworld. He was an influential figure in the fabric of the criminal underworld, and his death left a void in the criminal subculture he was a significant part of. His power and control in the gang world was unparalleled. His absence will be deeply felt in the criminal community.

The Underworld Community Mourns Hines

In the wake of his death, the community has come together to mourn the loss of its cherished member. Family members, friends, and colleagues have expressed their condolences and shared their fondest memories of him. They have offered support for the family and friends and showered them with prayers.

His funeral, known in Maori culture as a tangi, is expected to be the largest gang funeral in the history of New Zealand. Law enforcement authorities are alert and will be monitoring the event closely.

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