Xiao Xiao, A Chinese Viral Sensation, Death Claim Sparks Intense Reaction

Last Updated on December 21, 2023, 5:38 am

Is Xiao Xiao Alive or Dead? Learn the truth behind the viral death claims.

Xiao Xiao Dead Rumors
Xiao Xiao (Image via Instagram)

Xiao Xiao, a Chinese TikTok star, has made headlines for her recent alleged death news. Social media is stormed with concerned online users mourning the loss of viral sensation. While the death claim has gone viral, prompting the emotional reaction of social media users, there is no concrete evidence that the TikTok star has passed away.

Who is Xiao Xiao?

Xiao Xiao is a 36-year-old disabled Chinese woman who first gained popularity on Doujin, a Chinese social media platform often referred to as the Chinese version of TikTok. She suffers from a condition called microcephaly, a neurodevelopment disorder that results in an unusually small brain and skull.

She became a viral sensation in September 2023 after a TikTok user, @Chinesejunkfood2023, reposted a video that showed Xiao Xiao collaborating with a TikTok influencer, Mei Niang Xin Xin, a cross-dressing Chinese man known for his singing performances. In another video, Xiao Xiao is singing a Chinese song with another girl who shares her condition.

Soon after this, another video appeared online showing the TikTok star playfully kicking Mei Xin Xin for not handing her the microphone. The video received massive appreciation, with over two million views. She began to be referred to as “Chinese Kick Girl.”

While her videos amassed an impressive fan following, concerns rose among the online users for her well-being, as most of the videos showed her caretakers agitating her on purpose to elicit a reaction from her. Some videos showed her expressing her desire not to be filmed, leading her to often break down in tears.

However, the netizens, apparently immune to the concerning content, have turned her emotional breakdowns into a viral meme, with several online users dubbing her “Dobby,” an elfish character from the Harry Potter series.

What happened to Xiao Xiao?

Recently, an unconfirmed claim surfaced on the internet suggesting the untimely demise of the TikTok star, resulting in intense reaction from her fans and followers on social media. Her fans and well-wisher flooded social media with the concerning post, expressing their shock and grief over the rumors circulating on the internet.

One post by social media user Rob | President of the ESTate on X (formally known as Twitter) reacted to the death claim, which has gone viral. He shared a video of Xiao Xiao and wrote, “Xiao Xiao, please don’t be gone bro, who started this rumor,” suggesting the Chinese social media sensation has passed away.

It is crucial to remember that there is no concrete evidence of the TikTok star’s death at the moment. Her family and close friends have not released a statement to address the rumors. We sincerely hope that she is fine and will continue to impress us with her charming personality. We will update our readers as soon as new information comes to light.

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