Stefanie Caputo dead

Stefanie Caputo Vaughan, Ontario Death, A renowned Interior Designer at Direct Interiors passed away

Canada: The Interior Designers community mourns the loss of its talented member, Stefani Caputo Stefanie Caputo, a talented interior decorator at Direct Interiors, passed away unexpectedly. She was known for her unique designs and innovative approach. Who was Stefanie Caputo? Stefanie Caputo was a talented artist. She was an interior decorator known for her warm…

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Nadia Martone Dead

Nadia Martone Montreal QB Death, A Student Animator at Villa Maria High School Died Unexpectedly

Canada: Family, Friends, and Community Mourns Nadia Martone, a Pastoral and Student Animator. Nadia Martone, a beloved Montreal, Quebec, Canada resident and a Pastoral and student animator at Villa Maria High School, passed away on Monday, December 11, 2023. Her death was announced in a social media publication, which read, “Friends, the sadness of Nadia’s…

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