Shahed Hossain Dead

Shahed Hossain, a Bangladeshi Musician, Guitarist, and Songwriter, Died in a Road Accident

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Shahed Hossain, a guitarist who performed with notable Bangladeshi bands like Mechanix and Poraho, passed away in an accident. Shahed Hossain, a musician, guitarist, and songwriter from Dhaka, Bangladesh, passed away in a tragic road accident on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. He was an ex-guitarist for a renowned Bangladeshi band, Mechanix. What happened…

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Abe Stoklasa Dead

Abe Stoklasa Nashville, Tennessee Death: Singer, Songwriter, and Musician Died Surrounded by Loved Ones

Abe Stoklasa, a 38-year-old musician and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, has died. Abe Stoklasa, a 38-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician from Nashville, Tennessee, died on Friday, November 17, 2023, at his home surrounded by loved ones. He was a talented artist and musician who had recently released his solo album, ‘Abe Stoklasa.’ Who was Abe…

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